In a Narcissist’s world we are ONLY a tool to use or an obstacle to destroy – nothing more or nothing less!

This is so important to understand – because there is no in-between with a Narcissist. Knowledge and education provide clarity to move forward and reject everything Narcissist.  In a Narcissist’s world we are ONLY a tool to use or an obstacle to destroy – nothing more or nothing less! Everything else ‘in between’ with them is their manipulative ‘charm’ or ‘harm’ to keep us caught up in their agenda driven game of ALL take and no give UNTIL they are done with us and found NEW supply! We MUST ‘get this’ to be able to move on and away from them or stay stuck in the controlling cycle of their abuse.

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist.

This is the truth as it concerns ANY relationship with a Narcissist:  ALL people are objectified and categorized for a particular or special need, and for as long as we provide those needs. If you do NOT meet their requirements and or specific need – you are then an obstacle that they will just step on and over! Everyone has an expiration date with a Narcissist. We are ALL either a TOOL or an OBSTACLE – nothing more or nothing less! Let us really get to know what is behind the façade of a Narcissist and WHAT it consists of. Unfortunately, they are so good at their ‘con game’ that we BELIEVED in them at such a deep level – and they used that to take us down a dark road of emotional and psychological destruction. We are/were not stupid, dumb, fools or any of the above – we were betrayed through that vast arsenal of manipulative tools that poisoned our minds and hearts.

A Narcissist’s world is all a product of his/her own machinations and self-created delusional imagination and ALL based-on appearances to support THEIR needs – not ours. The Narcissist ONLY wants ‘people objects’ in his/her world that will NOT contradict the illusions he/she creates – as well as ‘people objects’ that serve them and supply them with all their MANY needs. A Narcissist wants to control your behavior and your thinking and if you contradict this self-created image in the slightest way the Narcissist will rage at you and maybe even annihilate you from disturbing the delicate balance of their disordered world. You are there to support and serve them in their game and make them look good and support their omnipotence as well as ACCEPT all the lies. This comes at a great cost to the target/victim that bought into and believed the big façade or the charm that lured them into this disordered character’s agenda/world.

So, within this grand illusion that they create and live in, they will not hesitate to say that black is white, or square is round, and you are expected to believe them. They will lie to you about facts they know that you know. They lie to you about what you have said and done, even if you said or did it only a few seconds ago and know the truth. They lie to you about what they have said and done in your very presence. If they are breathing, they are lying to support their grand scheme and illusion of themselves! There is no internal mechanism that governs their actions, so it is ANYTHING goes with them no matter the cost to anyone, if it serves THEM. They abide by NO rules or laws and if it wasn’t for double standards, they would have NO standards at all. Remember once you can NO longer serve them or you disagree with them you are no longer useful to them and you will be discarded or even annihilated – AGAIN we are either a tool to use or an obstacle to them.

Everything MUST support their façade but, their needs can completely consume ANY person that has anything to do with them. Try as you may, you can never give them enough because they ALWAYS want more, and they will seek it ALL out with many other sources of supply. This is not a relationship that is normal and more akin to a parasitic relationship where the malignant Narcissist is the parasite that is draining you of your life energy and anything and everything else you have. So, remember you cannot have any type of relationship with them because there really is no ‘them’ – it is a façade created for you to keep you in their orbit while they consume what they can from you and then they will move onto another source. It almost sounds like a horror story that you would see at the movies – BUT, if you have had any type of association with a Narcissist, it was a REAL horror story. Knowledge is power because it provides us with the clarity, we need to completely break the bond we believe we had with them. The only way to recovery is through knowledge, clarity, support, time, and no/minimal contact. You deserve so much more than this. Remember YOU offered REAL love – and what did you get in return – ABUSE! They JUST DON’T CARE! Greg

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