confident vs insecure

Posted on January 19, 2014. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I atgree with ‘ chip’. This is way too binary. Like much of this ‘motivatonal’ twaddle, it comes from an arrogant perspective of superiority . Hey ‘’ – get over yourself.


  2. Very interesting .


  3. Need this in a poster!
    No one is ever all to one side


  4. To the contrary, I’m surprised how many I can think of who fit in the left or the right. But I believe the purpose of this image and any image is for the view to use their imagination. The words are giving a general depiction of characteristics. You can choose to interpret it as rigid, but as I said, I actually know a handful of people who could fit into one of the halves.


  5. i disagree with this because it’s too digital an image…human beings are analog, not digital….i think the norm would be plasicity in personality, perceptions, etc…anyway, i just find it too rigid and i’ve never met anyone either fully on left side or right, like this image demonstrates


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