Accountability Exercise

Accountability Exercises

In order to direct the course of our lives, we must take full responsibility for everything that happens. No more blaming or waiting for someone to rescue us. For the following either Journal your responses or if you feel comfortable, share your responses here in reply to this post.

1. Responsibility Exercise ONE

Complete the following sentences with as many answers as you can

I have no control over ____________ in my life.
I have no choice about_________________.
I feel powerless over _________________.

2. Responsibility Exercise TWO

Try this: take a look at what you point your finger at in displeasure, frustration, anger, or judgment and instead of blaming this “thing” or person or situation for your feelings….turn it into a question and ask yourself 2 Questions:

How did you contribute to this situation?

(Think about how your actions contributed in part to the situation)

What can YOU DO to enlist yourself in the solution?

(Think about how your actions can contribute to the solution)

3. Responsibility Exercise THREE

Now, look at your affair and answer the questions for for 2 a and b above. (No romanticizing, projection, or blame – this is all about US)

4. Responsibility Exercise FOUR

For the next week, every time you notice yourself JUDGING another person or having a “reaction” to them Journal / Post about your realizations.

  1. It seems this accountability exercise has made me feel as though I am back with the narc I left. He would do just this exact thing and then point out my responsibility for all of the problems. What is the point of this other than to remind us of what the narc made us do?


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