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  1. This is a very true statement. Everyone else saw it, why didn’t I


  2. Sometimes we can imagine what it is that someone else has been through but narcissist abuse is impossible to comprehend unless you have experienced it, hence other people’s reactions and the treatment of some therapist can compound the agony. People need to be educated about this condition as it is more widespread than people think and should be taught along self- esteem lessons in schools so that young people can recognise what abuse is and that it is not ok to be lied to, humiliated, manipulated, cheated on, physically hurt or threatened. More emphysis should be placed on health relationships like we now do with food. Love does not hurt, if the relationship makes you feel bad then it is bad.


  3. oh so true, and when it does happen to them, they come crying to you.


  4. I am so tired of defending myself against all his lies ! I want to die literally die! Iam shamed,humiliated,and have so many issues I don’t know if I survive the effects of forty years of narcissisist abuse!!! Please reply


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