Diagnosis: NPD

DSM IV-TR: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The American Psychiatric Association brought out a manual that covers all mental health disorders for both children and adults.  This Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or DSM IV-TR as it is better known) is considered the bible of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals everywhere, and it specifies the nine diagnostic criteria for identifying narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). By the way, this manual is constantly being updated as more about the condition of narcissism is understood.  At present, for the clinician to make the diagnosis, an individual must fit five or more of the following nine descriptions:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Criteria:

He or she has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates accomplishments and demands to be considered superior without real evidence of achievement).
He or she lives in a dream world of exceptional success, power, beauty, genius, or “perfect” love.
He or she thinks of him- or herself as “special” or privileged, and that he or she can only be understood by other special or high-status people.
He or she demands excessive amounts of praise or admiration from others.
He or she feels entitled to automatic deference, compliance, or favorable treatment from others.
He or she is exploitative towards others and takes advantage of them.
He or she lacks empathy and does not recognize or identify with others’ feelings.
He or she is frequently envious of others or thinks that they are envious of him or her.
He or she “has an attitude” or frequently acts in haughty or arrogant ways.

  1. Is there a paranoid component? Thinking everyone and everything is out to get them?

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    • I think rather than paranoia, I believe it is more a symptom of the fear of rejection. This fear becomes a habitual way of thinking which you could say is a paranoid component. No matter what there is always an issue because the person has to create and maintain drama. A vicious cycle I experience daily with my mother.

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    • Yes there often is paranoid component present in the narcissist. The one I encountered was constantly accusing others and me of wanting to see her fail. The malignant narcissist (think covert narcissist mixed with antisocial (Sociopath) and paranoid personality disorders) is the trifecta of evil. I was with one for 4 years and she just about drove me to suicide and insanity. This was her goal and she enjoyed every second of my pain. These are very sick people. I hope that you where fortunate enough to get away. Good luck! 🙂

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    • Yes! I believe this is how someone with NPD feels when they are about to get knocked off their pedestal.


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