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  1. Amazing how just reading a few words you know exactly what and who they’re referring to.
    Do we ever truly free ourselves of the toxic narcissist? I’m seriously doubting it in my situation. Divorced over two years now, and what a horrifying thing that was. They’re notorious for being the best convincing pathological liars, & that’s exactly how it ended up. Me with nothing. Him purgering himself with enormous blatant lies. Lies that trumped my truths. He’s convinced all my loved ones i’m crazy as they succeed at so well. I’m totally NO CONTACT whatsoever with anyone we knew. Every one! And yet the slander and lies continue. It’s sickening. It’s nauseating. It’s devastating what they succeed at doing to a person for the sake of WINNING and draining you financially and end up looking pretty as a picture. They are pure evil in my mind. At least my ex is. And I don’t see that changing. Three victims since me. That should speak for itself with the people I’ve loved a lifetime. But it hasn’t yet. Sad.


  2. It still amazes me how I can read just a few words and know exactly what the meaning is. I wonder if I’ll ever stop being drawn to them, since my divorce after a long horrifying marriage supposedly ended over two years ago, legally.
    Do they ever really STOP slinging dirt and slander?? My ex hasn’t. I’ve lost all my family I LOVED and who loved me until things finally became too insane and I had to seperate and divorce in what was yet another huge living nightmare. Two years it took for what should have been a simple divorce. Nothing is simple with these blood sucking people. I’m trying all I can to get the help I need and heal somehow. It’s hard when they’re constantly doing something to still manipulate and get a reaction out of you. That’s the very last thing he’ll ever get. It only feeds their evil that much more.


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