Narcissists Believe

…that their every emotion is deeply important, but everyone else is “overreacting”…that rules are for everyone but them.…that wherever they are, they’re the best person to take over the show immediately.…the most valuable thing other people can do is give them attention and serve them.

…that those in positions of influence never deserve their roles.

…that everyone is boring, stupid, unappealing, and above all,
wrong – except them.…that anyone opposing their views is bad, and must be stopped.

…that the wrong things they do are fair, and the fair things you do are wrong.

…if they can’t be worshiped, they should be pitied (for not being justifiably worshiped).

…that all relationships (even family) are competitive games of control they must “win”.

…that people have 2 choices – provide admiration/empathy, or experience retribution.

…that boundaries are an attack.

…that there’s always SOMETHING they can use as a “reason” to look down on someone.

…that a compliment is something people have to say to get what they want.

…that all the less-worthy people need to get out of their way.

…that therapy is for inferior people (you), or for confirming their beliefs & victimhood.

…that everyone around them must either submit or be banished.

  1. It’s really what the immediate opinion was of 2 of my best friends of my exNP from the very start upon my meeting him. One friend observed that it seems he learned what’s up is down & down is up!! My other closest friend commented that he sounds like a ‘stalker’!!! I brushed it off as (in retrospect) , I didn’t quite grasp the severity of their observations!?
    My exNP was a victim of a NP sadistic mom & the scapegoat In a war zone, dog eat dog competitive environment called a ‘home’!?
    My inquiring mind always researched innocently into many aspects of human dynamics, never knowing that in this scenario,
    I’d delve into a side of life I wasn’t witness to except in books or movies as many others do–not wanting to know!!!
    So, he exhibited characteristics where I observed others as I inferred were demanded by him to obey or punishment would be inevitable!! He never listened & WAA all about him, he minimized my sorrow, yet he used me for my status in life social ladder to ‘feed off’!
    His ‘family’ never respected his boundaries & would always make excuses as to why he was tired, he sought pity but my emotions unimportant…absurd lies which he got mad when questined as to irrational…& on & on endlessly! His monster/mom could do no wrong & was worshipped endlessly yet the slightest little comment by me would enrage him! If tell him that he had ‘misplaced’ anger’!!!
    Most of all, he saw things as either black or white with no middle ground & extremely
    Childlike due to isolation & lack of a social network!!! I thought that I could help him. All I was doing was what IV read! Giving up too much of me this fulfilling His desire to feel important!!!
    I have choices & the best, most important one was NO CONTACT!!! I’m happier now more than ever thanks to information empowering & validating my suspicions!!!


  2. They are a joke! Plain and simple

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  3. My ex MIL and my 18 year old daughter. After 24 years of hell I finally realized yesterday they are both narcissistic. My daughter cut me out if her life 4 years ago, preferring her grandmother to me. Now I know why. 2 peas in a pod.


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