1. I’ve been separated fro the narc husband for over a year now. There is a court ordered no contact order placed…But we were still seeing each other. I couldn’t help hoping that there
    had to be something I could do to win him over again. I was so in love with him. He was beautiful. Last year he went to jail for 2 months. It was like I woke up from some weird haze. It was like i was a brainwashed marshmellow around him. I decided to take a fine tooth comb thru everything in our place. But it wasn’t what I found, it was what was missing, some underwear, PJ’s, a camera and a sex toy. I then took control of the laptop. I had no idea about computers. I don’t know how I did it but in 2 months I had disected that laptop. He was a prostitute. He would look up woman on all kinds of websites and meet them and get paid for it. I found out he was hiding money in one of the trailers.

    I decided this wasn’t going to happen anymore. I went through severe depression. I was losing anywhere from 4lbs-8lbs a week. I wasn’t working. I give up a 13 year job for him. I tucked my tail between my legs and held my head up when I re-applied at the old company. *sigh* He showed up at the suite when he got out of jail. trying to get in the windows and banging on the door. I was afraid. He had hurt me several times before. I called 911 and the Police caught him in the yard. I was then evicted. I had 10 days to move, no job. It was the hardest struggle in my life to get up and going. I had to force my self to get back to work I was so down. But I beat that battle. Thank God. I was positioned at a site I worked at years before and fell in love. I was thrilled. It was the Chapel. God sent. Now I’m in a suite he set me up in. He provided spousal support for 2 months. then stopped. Now I’m barely surviving. He ran off with someone……on my birthday. I was crushed. Since, him and his
    girlfriend sent me threatening texts telling me ‘I’d better watch where I tread” funny thing is I was in a serious car accident a few hours after those texts. If the accident would have happened a few inches toward my driver’s door, I probably would have lost my legs. Then the husband had some nerve to call 2 hours after the car accident. Out of the Blue. For no reason. I called the police. Generated another file number. More texts. I saw his probation officer face to face this time. A dud. More texts. Another file number generated. No one has done a damn thing because the narc used a different number and it cant be connected to him. I’m sure there are ways that I don’t have access to. Here it is now. I’m scared, terrified, heartbroken, lonely, devastated. I miss the man i thought he was. How can someone do this to someone who loves you so much. I know now there was never any love from his side. He just wanted me around to take care of him for someone else. I feel great one day and I fall in a rut. How do I stay floating? I’ll keep swimming for as long a I need to but I’m getting tired…


  2. Oh my heavens…. coming across this article is crazy…if I hadn’t seen this play out myself… lately I have seen little things pertaining to the narcissistic…and on a very bad day where I had. Crazy out ON EVERYONE…then total bumbed because I thought 3 days ago I was winning….damn too cause I know the play book….but God sent this as I have been sitting in a cold garage…not wanting to go in to that thing… I found this post. Evrry single word CV is truth….and I knew he was rotten…oh my god… I just remembered something… something that had given me a if something evil was about to come….but I am right…the thing is that I drank snd drank to get drunk and pass out as soon as I could. Help me …. I have thoughts it is a entity from hell..and have some small evidence of the possibility… holy water. I work at a Catholic Church all day and feel…okay. minute I am in his presence I feel strange….What would happen if I told it that I knew what it is..?


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