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  1. Disconnecting from a narcissist is not easy; unless you unmask them. They do not like being seen for what they really are. Like Dorian Gray, if their inner soul were exposed in a painting or sculpture, most would be broken realizing how badly they have ignored truths while violating others. These truths, even the grandiose narcissists, cannot dismiss, as readily as they saw others as objects, it comes home to roost in the worst way. The feelings they sought to dismiss and avoid, swallows them whole. Their fear consumes them as they selfishly consumed others dreams, hopes, and lives. Their lies collapse under the weight of truth. Their tongues twisting in their mouths with lies, when it is bound by truth. Like a fly on flypaper, the more they resist the consequences incoming, the more attached to the flypaper they become. All measures will be accounted for, and balanced, you can be sure! #ChristineGoldberg


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