From Filmmaker to Inspirational Life Coach, Eric Casaccio is Ready to Empower You from Your Own Narcissistic Situation

In an effort to provide quality information concerning support after narcissistic abuse, I spoke with our friend Eric about his Empowerment from Narcissistic Situations Life Coaching Program with Now Your Life.  ­Please check out this informative interview concerning advancing after this abuse through a life coaching experience with Eric Casaccio, a primary example of how After Narcissistic Abuse, There is Light, Life & Love!


ANA:  What made you advance your career from filmmaking to life coaching?

ERIC:  This is such a great question. In fact, many friends have asked me the same question over and over again.  While traveling on the film festival circuit with Narcissist (the Movie), I found myself more interested in meeting audience members in need of encouragement from being in narcissistic situations versus attending filmmaker-networking events.  Yes, those glamorous events can be full of opportunities, but my heart was more drawn to the select few in need of inspiration versus making more contacts in the film industry. Taking time for the “select few” and having uplifting and inspiring conversations meant the world to them, hence; I was already doing some life coaching but didn’t realize it yet.  I guess it was meant to be.

ANA:  What inspired you to create the Now Your Life Empowerment from Narcissistic Situations Program?

eric-casaccioERIC:  During several film festival question & answer segments, a lot of questions kept coming up like Have you ever thought of becoming a life coach specializing in guiding others who have been in narcissistic situations? As time passed, this suggestion kept showing up in all areas of my life, like the universe was trying to tell me something.  After a well-attended screening in Atlanta, Georgia, a heartfelt one-on-one conversation took place with an audience member who had a horrific romance with a narcissist leading both of us to tears and soon after, a determination to find an appropriate educational program began.  At first, none of the sought out educational options felt right. In fact, there was complete discouragement … discouragement until randomly meeting a life coach at the Big Apple Film Festival in NYC who strongly suggested looking into the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA).  A few days later, an in-depth goal orientated conversation with a counselor at SWIHA happened and everything came into full focus,… like I was home for the very first time.  So, I guess, to sum over the answer to your question, it began with empathy for others who have been in narcissistic situations with the knowing on how one can overcome and empower themselves from that.

ANA:  What is the best piece of advice you can personally give to anyone out there that is currently stuck or coming out of the web of a narcissistic situation?

ERIC:  First and foremost, allow yourself to grieve, hence, give yourself permission to feel so you can eventually heal.  I completely empathize and understand the horror of feeling victimized because yes, the person you have and/or had involvement with is manipulative, controlling, abusive, has no conscience, etc. etc.  In fact, the trait list of someone with NPD is like a never-ending barrel of toxic waste we could obsess over for the rest of our lives, however, there is a tremendous opportunity to take the pain caused from a narcissist’s own self-projection and discover the power of rising above and reuniting with your true authentic self.  As hard as it may be, it’s imperative to go within and ask what it
is about you that may have attracted and/or was attracted to this kind of situation and what can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The answers within can demonstrate how your narcissistic situation may have happened so you can finally embrace your own importance, your own worth, and your own valuable life!  Most importantly, forgive yourself and recognize it is not your fault and lovingly take back your power.  As much as a narcissist may have used you, you can use what you learned and empower yourself by doing something amazing that may even bring awareness to others. Sometimes we have to go through darkness to find a true authentic light!

ANA:  What is the difference between seeing a therapist and working with a life coach?

powerfulquestionERIC:  This is another important question, especially for those who are in and/or coming out a situation with a narcissist.  Generally, it’s best to seek out a therapist when one needs to work on past wounds that may or may not have attracted a narcissistic personality into their lives.  The life coaching process focuses on honoring where a client is now and moving them forward.  The job of a coach isn’t to change the client rather bring clarity and awareness to their journey (or situation) that can create an inspirational desire for change.  Coaches hone in on powerful questioning combined with creative tools to collaborate and bring out the client’s answers already within themselves.  These “A-HA” moments can bring encouraging shifts, empowering possibilities, and even healing during an enlightening self-exploration voyage.

ANA:  What do you hope your clients will gain from your life coaching programs?

ERIC:  The primary goal is to have all clients experience a heart-centered safe-space connection to enhance forward moving actions into their everyday lives.  With the Empowerment from Narcissistic Situations Program, the goal is to experience those “A-HA” moments that bring clarity and awareness and eventually allows forgiveness on a journey back to one’s true self.  I strive to have clients experience a genuine and faithful sense of empathy, positivity, honesty, safety, and creativity with each coaching session.  It’s all about your authentic you at Now Your Life.

ANA:  How can we find out more about Now Your Life and how can we view your acclaimed award-winning film, Narcissist?

ERIC:  You can find about Now Your Life at the official website: and on the available social media outlets via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you would like to specifically find out more about the Empowerment from Narcissistic Situations Program, visit:

Also, if you would like to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, visit:

Narcissist (the Movie) is available on-demand worldwide with mySPOTLIGHT.TV (with Apple TV 4, Roku and iOS) and dotSTUDIOPRO. The film is also available in the USA, UK, Japan & Germany with Amazon Video Direct.



ANA:  Eric, thank you for the great information.

ERIC:  You are more than welcome. It’s been a pleasure!


View “Narcissist” (the Movie) by clicking on the streaming platform icons (below to the left) and visit the official Now Your Life website by clicking on the ocean image (below to the right)















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