Soul Tie Breaker Prayer

by After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Love on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 12:05pm ·

“Dear Heavenly Father,I pray in agreement with ________. She/he has been violated beyond what any person should ever have to experience. She/he has a reason to hold onto resentment, rage, anger and hatred, bitterness and all things that violations against her/his body would normal entail. Lord, although these emotions are normal for a person in a situation like this, it is important for __________’s survival that she/he forgives the ones who did this. Lord, vengeance is yours, and _________ is giving it completely over to you.

In the name of Jesus, _____________ forgives the ones who violated her/his soul, mind and body with the rapes, incest and sexual perversions done to her/him. Specifically, these people: _________________________ and any and all that she/he cannot remember at this time. In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of guilt that will try and chain her/him to those awful deeds. She/he is under the forgiveness of the Almighty and she/he has willfully asked and accepted that forgiveness. She/he now bestows the same forgiveness that God has given he/him to the men and woman that have abused and molested her/him. In the name of Jesus I bind the demonic spirits of Jezebel and Ahab, the spirit of molestation, incest, sodemy, masochism, un-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, rape, incest, unlawful sexual relations, homosexual spirits and any and all brutal acts of violence against her/his body, spirit, soul and sexual organs/orifices. As these spirits try to wrestle with her/him now, Lord, bind them so tight that when they leave her/his body it does her/him no harm. Open up her/his throat so as they leave, she/he can barely feel anything at all, just a release of pressure. As her/his stomach is expelling these demonic forces, let the angels assigned to this task remove every one from her/his presence and let them be escorted and tortured with intense internal pain until they are thrown down to the pit to be continually tortured as you see fit, Lord. If any more try to re-enter her/his body, let the sign of intense torture be upon __________’s forehead for all who dare to try, as a sign for what will come to those who attempt to enter in. In the name of Jesus, __________ releases any and all soul ties connected to any and all persons who took part of her/his body. Specifically coming to her/his mind is: __________________ but there are more not listed that have violated her/him. Include those as well. Do not leave one soul tie attached to ____________. She/he releases what they gave to her/him, and they give back all that they took from her/him. Lord, protect this child from the memories that this spiritual experience will bring up. Lord, heal her/his mind and body from the damage the devil tried to do to her/him with the glory light of your love. Restore all that he as torn down, especially her/his will to live and her/his inability to see the beauty and value you created in her/him. If these painful memories resurface, only allow what _________ can handle and use these moments to incite praise from her/his deliverance, not sadness from he/his past. In Jesus precious name, protect this whole family the future generations from any curse that will try and follow from these experiences. Until Jesus returns, cover them completely in the protection of your blood, Amen.”

  1. Jamila marie morton

    I hope this prayer works


  2. Teresita Adler

    Thank you for that beautiful prayer. I did not realize this person was masterful and used his God given gift for evil instead of good. I thank Jesus and his power which is above the demonic power he used . I have prayed for his soul because he does not know the wrath that awaits him for preying on the innocent.
    Praise be to my lord Jesus Christ who,has rescued me once again!


  3. Thank you.


  4. Is Michelle still a part of ANA? This is a great post!


  5. I needed this prayer.. right here.. right now. Lord bless this person who posted, and thank u for freeing me. IJNIP amen


  6. Words can’t express the hurt you feel after dealing with people of this kind but prayer and a lot of it has brought me far. Thanks for sharing this one! I am believing God for a full recovery and I stand with each of you praying for yours! God loves us and as we learn to love ourselves again remember we aren’t alone even if it feels that way! Be blessed, stay strong


  7. scared to put my real name, :(

    thanks so much for this prayer I already feel a bit better, praise God and his holy son Jesus. Glory to God and how he works, this site i found through prayer. thank you all.


  8. god has watched over me, and has helped me through this tough situation. god will protect those who forgive heir enemies


  9. to God be all the glory. Amen




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