Self-love is the strong sense of respect for and confidence in oneself.

It is different from narcissism in that as one practices acceptance and detachment, the awareness of the individual shifts and the individual starts to see him or herself as an extension of all there is.

Ultimately, the identification of “I” from a personal individual perspective, shifts to “I” from a perspective of consciousness or life being experienced from the perceptual point of view that we call by our individual names.

Self-love can be taught in childhood through honesty, acceptance and unconditional love.

Since most parents have their own self-doubts and limiting beliefs, they project these onto their children and the cycles of self-rejection and self-abuse repeat themselves.

  1. Thank you for all the comments on this site. I am very low at the moment as I have been married to a narcissist for eighteen years and I know I must find the strength to get away from him before he destroys what little confidence I have left. To the outside world he is charming and charismatic but to me he is an abusive tyrant who seems to enjoy being emotionally cruel to me. I need to end this abuse and move on as I know he will never change. When he has drained me emotionally he seems to be perfectly fine and just goes about his everyday tasks.


  2. I’m like the many others who are grateful for this site. Although there are other great sites out there on the subject, I feel this information is balanced and really so very clear! So I truly want to thank you for how much it has helped me!


  3. I’m really grateful for this site at this time in my life….. Starting to feel sad I almost read thru the whole site! More material please! And! Thank yoooou! Truly


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