Saying Enough is Enough…

Enough being only an option to all of his priorities.
Enough talk with no actions ever taken.
Enough of the superficial conversation and fake interest in your world.
Enough listening to him wax about how bad his marriage is yet he stays put.
Enough being his sounding board because he “claims” he isn’t appreciated at home.
Enough looking the other way from the things that make you uncomfortable.
Enough throwing your integrity down the toilet.
Enough of feeding his big fat ego
Enough of letting him have his cake and eating it too
Enough of giving your love to someone that really doesn’t care about you or love you, just pretends he does
Enough of letting the ball be totally in his court, meaning it is on his terms when he will be able to see you or call you and you being a jerk and waiting for that phone to ring.
Enough of falling for all his lies and stories of being so miserable at home. He is perfectly fine at home and liked things just the way they were with being able to have you on the side, when it suited him.
Enough of being his dirty little secret.
Enough of wasting your time in a dead end situation that is never going to change for the better.
Enough of having to deal with the constant anxious feelings and that constant longing for someone that will never be yours, but will be happy to feed your head with all the right words to keep stringing you along.
Enough of living a lie.
Enough of making him a priority (when you are his option).
Enough of obsessing over every word and analyzing every conversation when he can’t take the time to respond to one lousy email.
Enough of accepting the fact that he is “busier” than you.
Enough of pretending your feelings aren’t all wrapped up in this.
Enough of hoping his feelings are as wrapped up in this as yours.
Enough of checking email, texts, looking at the clock, wondering where he is/what he is doing, waiting for him to “sign on”….
Enough wasting my time on someone who is emotionally unavailable.
Enough of letting his actions dictate my choices.
Enough passiveness….I’m in charge of my life…I get to choose!!!
Enough of engaging in emotional suicide.
Enough living 1/2 a life while he lives a life and a 1/2.
Enough eating crumbs when I can have a full course meal.
Enough disrespecting myself.
Enough of his renting free space in my head.
Enough being weak and selfish.
Enough hurting innocent people that love and trust me.
Enough being a person I never EVER thought I would be.
Enough being the complete opposite of a whole person.
Meaning, enough defining my life according to a single aspect of unreality.

  1. My narcissist mother hates me so much I think she tried to kill everything about me. I was a pedestrian run over by a vehicle and had 10+ life saving surgeries. She never even blinked an eye, never asked about me and even after seeing the wounds before surgery with my head split open and the whole front of my left leg missing she treated me like I had scraped my knee. I didn’t know about narcissist two years ago and I came to live here to recover. She torchered me and almost let me die. I finally got enough strength and called an ambulance and when I got to the hospital they said that I was on the verge of death. I hadn’t eaten in a couple of months and every time I would get up I would faint and she would just leave me. I was in a brain rehab for a month and then came home and a therapist had me look up what a narcissist was and it made me sick to see that my mother and my older brother were both covert narcissist. I have bought my own place and have made a decision to go no contact. It breaks my heart and I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell my son of this decision. He is softhearted like me and is currently doing volunteer work in Africa. My heart is broken, I’m 58 years of age, and don’t even have the tools due to all the abuse to feel like I can make it through life. I just want to curl up in a corner. My mother disinherited me when my dad died 25 years ago. I didn’t know this until the other day. I hope others learn at a younger age than I am, so they will be a little stronger to do the healing and have the time to remold themselves into who they are destined to be.


  2. Thank you. For this whole site.
    I am the daughter of NPDs, just realized this recently when I realized I have had C-PTSD my whole life, NOT BPD.

    I was in a physically abusive relationship in high school and just got out of the most mindfuckingly emotionally abusive relationship with a classic Narcissist.

    It’s scary putting it all together. I need to let him go, and I need to let my parents go…and I don’t have any of the interpersonal skills or confidence that I should. These people are so self-destructive, I can’t believe I didn’t see all this earlier.


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