Support for a Person Being Harrassed by a narcissist PtII

ANA Members, This post springs out of what a narc is currently tormenting me with. I didnt think we had anything to do with eachother any longer, but I’ve been told he’s stalking me through the page. I am anonymous. No name. No picture. NO ATTACHMENT. But I am being watched. Ive been told he’s filed another bogus restraining order against me, though I’ve had ZERO contact with him for a year and a …half and have been the one who’s taken steps to get away from him and have nothing to do with him. I am triggered. I am suffering horrible ptsd knowing that he’s targeting me all over again. There’s more but I cant share right now. I’ve already moved, changed my phone number, hide, look over my shoulder, yet he’s STILL engaging in my life and business after a year and a half. I am EXHAUSTED and AFRAID. I need help, protection and prayers. Even though I know that narcs don’t ever let go, I THOUGHT THIS WAS OVER. PLEASE HELP with any words of encouragement or if you have advice & suggestions – feel free to discuss with me via private message. I CANT TAKE THE ATTACKS ANYMORE, LORD ♥See More
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    • Anna TribbleI have no words, just be strong

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    • Annie LeSuerPraying for you!  I am 3 years out and mine has suddenly gotten quiet.  I think it’s the calm before the storm.  They stalk me, too, every way that they can.  I am so sorry!  I have a child with mine.  I can’t disengage completely ;-(

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    • Brenda HannaContinue to ignore, ignore, ignore.  Hugs!  Call 911 when necessary.  Make a police report now, just to have a record!

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThank you. No children. He had relationships with my children but we have none together.  What has me extremely concerned (afraid) is that there had been silence and now this out of left field. A repeat of his first attack on me. I had felt that this was COMPLETELY OVER.

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    • Brenda HannaWe had no children together and he thinks he can contol both me and his children by ordering me and the kids to not talk to each other.  Luckily, the moms support me and the kids do too.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveIve filed a police report. Changed my phone number. AGAIN. Will now need to get another restraining order. He is harrassing me legally all over again. NO CONTACT FOR 19 MONTHS!

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    • Shelly Lynn Sims♥ You are amazing my friend and i follow you close but no stalker lol ♥ You via ANA have helped me loads ! your posts woke me once n for all what i have been attracting and have had to deal with most of my life because of childhood horrors, I am so pleased to have you with us all !!!! ♥

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    • Gerald Panuthosyou will be fine! draw on the strength u have given to each one of us and I for one would gladly give it back to u. Let him stalk, creep, sneak and crawl on his belly where he belongs!.. he canot touch u, he cannot hurt u ever again! pay him no mind no matter what pathetic maneuver he pulls out his pathetic bag of tricks!.. He does not exist! he is insignificant! U ARE IN THE LIGHT NOW!.. HELL, U ARE THE LIGHT!.. U have taught me sooo much! just draw on ur own knowledge and inner strength and most of all, Remember.., GOD IS WITH U!.. WALK WITH HIM AND U CANNOT BE HARMED. Sending u love and light (whatever little I have, but alot of it came from u!) Best of luck, Geri.

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    • Brenda HannaThe legal abuse kills me!  It’s sites like these that will change it and celebrities like Christie and Katie that will change it.  It will take time.  And that doesn’t comfort any of us.  But we are NOT alone!  And why after so long do they think we’d suddenly be interested again?  Do they think we forgot the abuse?  Do they think we are over the PTSD?  It makes no sense.  But, then again, not much does once you see the real person.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThank you Shelly!! I will continue to NOT LET his attempted harassment to detract from the goal of ANA. Also I KNOW in my ♥ of ♥ ‘s there’s NOTHING that will stop me from sharing the truth about narcissists. God knows I dont ever mention who the narc that abused me is, his accusations are once again baseless. I guess he stalks and finds himself in posts (narcissistic) – when really I wish he’d just use his time to pay attention to his own business. This is MY making lemonade of all the lemons that were thrown at me and paying a very very bad situation FORWARD to help others. I want him to LEAVE ME ALONE and QUIT thinking everything is about him him him.

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    • Lisa J BurkinshawRemember you are better and stronger than him… hang in there xxxx

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    • Marie LambDon’t give up…as the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.” Keep telling the truth!  I’ll get the prayers going in your direction. “May all good things visit you”–Jerome Witkin.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveIt was also VERY difficult to open up about this, Im afraid, Im feeling vulnerable by being watched (creeping me out) I dont trust people (criminal system) to protect me – they dont see his scheme – they enable him to continue to abuse & harass me legally. ITS SOOO SCARY. I began having nightmares again last night  – all over again. Yet, IM VERY GLAD I DID share this event, because I really need help too. We all are so different, yet so similar I KNEW you’d have wisdom, suggestions and empathy to share with me!!! YOU ARE ALL SO LOVING AND KIND! THANK YOU!!!! ♥

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    • Debbie DionnePrayers for you to overcome this latest onslaught.

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    • Sharon O’Haracan you block him from the page?

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    • Joey Mortrude DanielPraying strength to you as you have for all of us!!!!  He has no proof since it is all a lie…and since he’s accusing you, he has to have evidence.  Dear Lord, keep her in your hand, and deflate him once and for all!!!  We rebuke him in Your name!!!

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    • Sharon O’HaraAmen ♥♥♥

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    • Debbie DionneOn another note, this is giving him supply..You might want to think about deleting this thread after a certain time..Said in love..

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    • Shelly Lynn Simssame ,really only reason i tell my stories xo ♥ Blessings ♥ it is hard to feel for them after all they do /done ect  And then people start to ask us why we seem hardened as we speak of these things ! We/our hearts  haven’t turned to stone we just learn how to deal with it in the appropriate manner ♥ would i be correct in saying that?

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveI have him blocked from any and every thing I can. He’s created alot of false identities to follow me before – He could be using one again.

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    • Brenda HannaWhat will it take to make you feel safe?  That is the ultimate question.  Whatever your answer is…do it.

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    • Kim OsheasmileyANA…You are doing a stellar job and stay strong on what you know about Narcissism and their ability to create psychological distress and torment by their COVERT form of abusing their relationships past and present.  If its any consellation, I just had communication with my NH proxy sidekick threatening me using legal insinuation to keep me silent based on Ns slanderous lies and defamation of me…..THEY ARE THE EVIL THAT SLIME AROUND ON OUR EARTH disguised as human beings and so are their PROXY narcs….we all know that they are not human but severe covert stealth cunning abusers…. Stay strong for the person you know you are and for the awareness you are bringing to other victims….even posting what you have in this thread is showing us the capabilites of the psychological and intimidating torture tactics of the evil pathalogical Narcissist….Hugs ANA…I am so in admiration of you ♥

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    • Shelly Lynn SimsI amsorry to hear your are dealing with him again ♥

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    • Sharon O’Harawe can all circle the wagons of protective light around you…

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveDebbie – Its a cost benefit. I understand the whole STARVING HIM OF SUPPLY – AS THATS WHAT IVE DONE FOR 19MONTHS…. but certain ATTACKS require my being able to get the support I need without considering him again. I may make a copy and make it private after a bit. Thanks. ♥

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveLORD HEAR OUR PRAYERS! ♥

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    • Lisa Lenke SousaOH!! Okay!!  Yeap, those people are real nutters that’s for sure! Some do weird stuff and then accuse you of doing the same weird thing (note the BS restraining order against you).   Sorry I took one of your posts a little personally. Geri is right with his comment. This nutter is not worth your tears.  Living a good life full of love, friends and happiness is the best revenge.  I am wondering though, about the privacy of this page. There are a lot of us that want to vent on here and some that do not want their narc or others finding our comments.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThank you (((Kimmy))) You KNOW ME and KNOW I NEVER talk about the narc at all. I am completely thrown the curve ball once again, in the SAME MANNER OF LIES he pulled the first time. How can a person get a restraining order against someone that has not talked to them in 19 months??? Is he smoking crack???? Is the judge???

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    • Kim OsheasmileySorry everyone, my fb froze and my post appeared several times, which I’ve deleted and kept one….(I really am not going crazy lols)…

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveWould you guys fight the restraining order? Im calling my attorney on Monday.

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    • Journey’s PathANA, do you mind me asking how you know or have information that this is going on? How did you find out?

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    • Brenda HainesTake a couple days off and b r e a  t h e.

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    • April DickersonSomething tells me that maybe he was about to be “in-between” victims and we all know NARC’s cannot live without a victim ( or 3 ). Or maybe he sees the good you do on this page ( jealous of ur success) and needs to “bring you back down”.  We will probably never know truly why as NARC’s are enigmatic as much as they are predictable. Whatever the reason KEEP YOURSELF SAFE and know that I for one am praying for you. You probably have NO IDEA what you do for people just with this page alone. Just letting people know and bring awareness to the NARC personality is a blessing and I for one am so thankful a friend showed me this page. Stay safe, my sweet friend ♥

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThat’s been a long standing problem with a number of us, especially because a number of us have stalkers, Lisa.  I have been trying to spend as much free time as I can putting together a private group and forum – for especially this reason.  For the whole 19 months I havent really shared what happened in with regard to the nut case that targeted me, out of my fear that he’s stalking and having other surveil me. I watch what I say – I keep things to myself – there’s absolutely NO CONNECTION to me in my real life — nor to any likeness nor description of the narc that abused me – ONLY IN HIS MIND- what he believes to be about him. So I’ve held back my own therapeutic sharing, and yet Im STILL STALKED and TARGETED.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Love‎(((Lisa)))) YOu took a post personally?

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    • Greta Rock On DedmonSending light and protection.  Message me tomorrow if you want a powerful shielding technique.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveJourney, confirmed through a RELIABLE source. Believe me, for 19 months I havent ever turned the page into support seeking for my own situation. First time, IT’S COMPLETELY LEGIT and SO OUT FROM LEFT FIELD & unexpected that he’d start this all over again, Im utterly lost for what my next move is. Im in shock, frankly and feeling Ill never escape.

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    • Kim OsheasmileyWith you there April Dickerson, ANAs Narc is definitely suffering from pathalogical jealousy and envy for the exposure of his disorder and the help and deserved attention she is getting from others spreading awareness…..Narcs despise good people of integrity….they hate it, they have to destroy it.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveOne of the possible explanations Ive come up with is that maybe someone else has been rude or mean to him and he thinks it has to do with me. Which derives from his delusion that Im still “involved” with him???? You’d think that a year and a half of no contact would say, IM NOT INVOLVED.

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    • Sherry FlorenceI am gooing through the same thiing. My ex just filed for a R.O.  He has liedr to the irs, kept child support payments that were suppose to be for the care of a chil

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    • Donna M. TurkosANA, if this helps; my ex lives FOUR BLOCKS from us and we have split in 2008.I have been unable to move because of lack of finances and no family to help.It HAS NOT been easy, and at times unnerving,  but YOU CAN DO THIS. The best ammo back to the N is to PRETEND IT DOES NOT BOTHER YOU.After awhile they let up because you no longer let it be” fun” for the twisted bastard.They LOVE to incite fear and intimidate you……DON’ T LET HIM WIN!!!!! YOU ARE STRONGER AND BETTER THAN THAT!!!!! I will be praying for you and I BELIEVE GOD HAS SURROUNDED YOU WITH ANGELS FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND GUIDANCE……NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST SHALL PROSPER!!!!!! AMEN!!!!

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    • Lisa Lenke SousaActually, the post was more of a trigger for me ( I explained it in a comment there) and I did take it personally for a brief period.

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    • Sherry FlorenceThats not even living with him, has falsely acccused me of child abuse. And now its back to court . Its never ending.

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    • Sharon CrerarI sincerely hope that your message to him gets through. In the meantime, make sure you’re safe and remember that he wants you scared, shaking, looking over your shoulder. As much as possible focus on all the positives in your life and don’t give him any of your energy and light. He doesn’t deserve a second thought and I agree with others, I think he’s without supply at the moment and he’s desperate to get some. My thoughts and prayers are with you, keep your chin up and no matter how rattled he gets you, don’t show him.

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    • Lisa Lenke SousaLong story.

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    • Veni FieldsANA, I think the key word here is “triggered.”  All the old trauma has come back – PTSD – and stalking is the ultimate form of control.  As so many others here have said, the idea is to get/keep you upset and off balance.  Once he knows he’s done that, it’s mission accomplished.  Even though you’ve maintained NC for so long, hearing he knows something or he’s done something like this can push those buttons and get you right smack back into the middle of the trauma.  Yes, call your attorney; yes, make sure you’re safe; but you haven’t done anything to elicit a legitimate restraining order — HE HAS.  Remember that these are feelings you’re having, and feelings pass.  Even though you’re feeling all a mess right now, this WILL pass.  Sometimes that’s all I could do to get my head screwed even halfway back on, but it’s always a start.  Sending hugs and prayers.  ♥

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    • Stephanie Leehe must have liked your page…you should open a private group and message us all to join it. Mine stalks me too…they’re all nuts~ i am sure he will read this post too LOL

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    • Kathleen Marie FinleyStay in control and calm. When I’m triggered I have selected a few theme songs and sing them. Also I’m sending a private message, that may be of help. Documenting is the Key..

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    • Sarah O’Donnelli’m here for you in any way that I possibly can be. How frustrating and tiring after all the hard work you’ve done to get away. I don’t know what else to say except I’m sorry you are going through this and I will send positive vibes your way.

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    • Debby FieldingI’m praying! For ur safety, for peace, & for wisdom!!! ♥ xO

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    • Kathleen Marie FinleyLook up EAA “evidentuary abuse affidavit” or go to Susan Milano Murphy she got it legalize to help us victims/survivors. She is a great advocate. Document everything including anything he is doing on this page or emailing you.

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    • Sigga SeagerStand tuff , dont show any fear , Call his bluff , it is all about bullying , intimidation , they are punks , please stand your ground …..

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    • Michelle Salt♥ If he has an ISP address contact your server and ask that his ISP addres be blocked from seeing anything from your computer.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveGreta Rock On Dedmon  CAn you message me the shielding technique PLEASE?  Thank you!

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    • Terri Lynn Taylor-StaleyYour posts have been so helpful, informative, and encouraging!   By hurting you that jerk is hurting all of us.  One thing that helps me when I feel threatened or upset by my ex is repeating scripture to myself.  Psalm 37 is a favorite but there are several passages in Psalms about the Lord protecting us from those that seek to hurt us.  It’s comforting.  Hope this helps!

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveCan I got his ISP address from emails hes sent to me and my children?

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveKathleen, GOT IT! I am going to make a video taped affidavit regarding the abuse. It gives great suggestions – about the things the perpetrator has said theyll do to you.

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    • Ann EideI’m sorry it is such a mess for you right now.  I will keep you in my thoughts and I hope that with the help you have that it will be back under control soon.  As much as I wish I was the only one in this situation, it is comforting to know that others understand this experience and can validate what I’m feeling.  I thank you for this group, even though I haven’t been here long, it has been helpful to me.  Take care of yourself, breathe, and remember all that you have survived already as you gather your strength and resources to get through this as well.

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    • Bess BlessI can send your stalker a fat curse!  That’s the only curse I do that’s proven effective.  LOVE and HUGS and prayers for your safety and sanity.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveI KNOW 100% that whatever he is accusing me of in this forthcoming order – is 100% PROJECTION. This will tell me what he has been doing to me, all these months I’ve been free.

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    • Susan Partridge MorganANA Psalms 91 🙂  Don’t try to figure out or understand why he is doing this.  It’s pure evil.  You are an amazing  warrior and I am so blessed to have found your page. Thank you for being so bold. Your page has given me power over my situation that I didn’t even know existed.  Remember that you too hold that power and knowledge within you to fight yet another battle.  You got this, I have NO doubt.  Praying for you. Hugs 🙂

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    • Merri Bulgier-BrightI am so sorry

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveReading Psalms 91 Susan!!! Thank you EVERYONE!!! I am reading EVERYTHING you post & everywhere you send me!! You’re speaking the truth! Thank you!!!!

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    • Bess BlessWhat a bastard.  A restraining order just so he can stare you down.  Hope he burns in Hell.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThat’s what someone who KNOWS him said to me Bess, that he just wants to see me in court again.

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    • Bess BlessIt’s a common stalker strategy.  Bastard.

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    • Michelle SaltHis ISP address should be on the details of the emails.  That’s a good idea!

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    • Bess BlessDon’t worry what he’s accusing you of – it’s bullshit.  Find a lawyer, see if there is a stalker law in your state, and go for his balls.

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    • Valerie HannahANA…As someone said to me once…I’m sure there is a special place in Hell reserved just for him.  Your page, your insights, information has been a Godsend to me.  I thank you for having the courage and fortitude to help all of us even as you are struggling yourself.  You have been given excellent advice here.  Maybe having a closed group is the answer for now.  I have an enormous amount of respect for you.  He’s obviously feeling ‘threatened’ by you for some reason.  Something to do with the children, I suspect.  Those in the legal system are aware of these vile and disgusting human piranhas and I have a feeling he’s about to hang himself with the proverbial rope.  God Bless you. xo

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    • Bess BlessWhat can you take from him?  Does he have assets?  Maybe it’s time for a civil case.  You could sue him for mental distress, moving costs, the whole kit and kaboodle.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking – but it makes for a good pay back fantasy.  Imagine if the courts imposed a fine of say $500 each time he contacts you.  He’d back off.  Thank you so much for this page and being here for all of us.  I will pray for you tonight, and wish for his demise.

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    • Melanie Ashworth ColvinI’m sorry u r going through this

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveI had been talking to a civil attorney – but was ready to just let this all go – if he’d just leave me alone.  I thought I was being left alone- until this dredging up another fake order arose – and some other details that I’ve given to police.

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    • Lisa O’dellTheir names are Legion for they are many. They aren’t all male, sadly, and they aren’t all necessarily romantic partners. You will find inlaws, co-workers, even “friends” who have this parasitic virus in their souls abound in today’s world. Invading the privacy of others has somehow become acceptable nowadays.

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    • Donna M. TurkosANA; I pray also that God gives you comfort and peace that frees you from the tormentor’ s oppression……AMEN!!!!

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    • Jill LillisPraying.

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    • Bess BlessYou are a very kindhearted lady.  It will take every last strength you have to confront his behavior in a court of law.  He needs to be accountable for his crimes against you, even if it’s civil action.  Hon, I’m so sorry for your bewilderment.  If I was there I’d give you hugs and make you cookies, after I polished my gun.

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    • Ann Eideabout 2 months ago he started an argument with me over, of course, nothing.  He said “what do you want?”  I said I want you to leave me alone.  Of course he kept at it, and I walked out of the room.  He yelled at me as I left to get back in there, but I didn’t go.  he followed, and again said something like “I don’t know what you want!”  I said, I WANT you to go away and LEAVE ME ALONE!  Still didn’t get the message.  They can’t ever let it go.  I will hope by some miracle the court system finally sees him for what he is and forces him to stop.

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    • Sunny DaysSo sorry ANA you are having to deal with this nightmare…but please know that your website is helping so many and we are all thankful that you put it together for all of us to heal together 🙂 God bless you.

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    • Doyle BrownFor $1000.00 I’ll take care of your problem 😉

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    • Sunny DaysANA, I think you should contract your local domestic abuse center they may have local connections to help you with this stalker problem (ie attorney that deals with these matters/police) or the National domestic hotline 800-799-SAFE. I am so sorry that you are being triggered..I just hate these bastards…..also make sure you take vitamins (to feed your brain) b complex (my doctor had me take them 2 am/1 noon/1 at 2:30/2 at bedtime plus vitamin C and D see internet for dosage its a large amount this helps to feed our brains also dr wilson adrenal vitamin “adrenal rebuilder”…take care. ps you can block people on your fb page not sure how to do it.

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    • Sunny Days

      Vitamin Therapy For Ptsd. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety…-based mental health condition brought on by experiencing a traumatic event. Trauma may include direct involvement in war-related combat, suffering any form of abuse or witnessing a perceived dangerous or unexpected even…See More
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    • Sunny Days

      Vitamin D & Ptsd. Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD is a serious psychiatr…ic disorder affecting some victims of trauma. According to the National Comorbidity Survey Replication, the estimated lifetime prevalence, or the percentage of people who will display signs of PTSD in their lifetime, amo…See More
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    • Bess BlessYou’re so right Kimberly.  He hasn’t served you yet, has he girl?  He may be just spreading rumors to get a rise out of you.  Maybe you need to get rid of this thread.  If he’s out there reading it he’s getting an erection.

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    • Britt BrownYou are a wonderful person that helps so many people.  You are an educator for all of us that need to learn about personality disorders. You are strong and wise. Sending you love.

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    • Anita Cole-SmithThough the help of sights like this one and others I’ve learned so much about narc’s.  Thank you Sooooo Much!!!  I also know one thing…narc’s are normally just full of hot air!  I’d just ignore him and let him blow away!  Because he will eventually, especially if you don’t give him the time of day.  Remember, he wants you scared…F##k the bastard!  Really, what’s he gonna do!??!  If all else fails…knock the creep in the head with something really hard!  I’m sooooo damn sick of all these narc’s….we really need to fight back…maybe a good old fashioned ass whooping is what they all need!!!

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    • Anita Cole-Smith‎…because they’re nothing but big ‘ol bullys themselves!

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveSunny, I just got off the phone with our local domestic violence line.  I explained everything he’s done. They gave me a few numbers to call on Monday morning. We have new anti stalking laws in our state and an organization that advocates for stalking victims located locally. She told me to KEEP TALKING and telling what he’s doing until I get the PROTECTION that I deserve.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveNO GUYS. Kimberly and Bess,  Its official and I NEED SUPPORT. I weighed the benefit he gets (supply) against MY NEED for support. For 19 months, I’ve NOT stepped up and asked or shown how I feel about this. I AM NOW.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveI have reached out to all the people who support me and who have been here for the hell he’s put me through the entire time, and have NOT talked about it here at ANA. I was THAT DESPERATE for support from those who know what it’s like to be victimized by these people. This isnt about HIM.

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    • Bess BlessYou’re right.  You’re brave.  Your concerns are documented here.  You do need all the support you can get.  These fucking N’s make you spin until you’re dizzy.  LOVE x  You’ve been so supportive of others, it’s your turn to be embraced.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveThank you Bess! I truly feel that at this point in time, and DONT WORRY, Ill  go back to being mum about me again, probably tomorrow. I really wanted to turn to you guys and let my vulnerability show to YOU Im NOT talking to him. Im opening up about my fear = YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Ive taken all the comments IN. DEEPLY.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveAlso guys – so that you know why Im so triggered – enough to spill my guts so openly – is that this is ROUND 2. This is his SECOND false reporting against me – and my soul & life were DEMOLISHED in the first one. The FACT that I fear the system and how he’s EXPLOITED IT AND MANIPULATED IT TO ABUSE ME… REAL in MY WORLD. He is doing the exact same thing he started 2 years ago, all without provocation, simply to RUIN ME; to RUIN MY LIFE. I am in a building phase. So moved ON from feeling anything for him, just trying to get out from under his thumb from Round 1. And he does this…with ZERO contact from me. I am feeling hopeless, lost and like Ill never escape him.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveI will definitely have to be deleting the thread guys – You’ve made SENSE with that. Im going to copy and paste – then ERASE, but I want to thank you for letting me be triggered & scared & REAL. YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!! Angels! EVERYONE OF YOU! Yes, Doyle even you – but sorry I couldnt respond to your message. 🙂 Ive already moved out of the way so Karma can take care of him. ♥

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    • Bess Bless‎*hugs* Try and relax, or take a tranquilizer.

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    • Sunny DaysANA, my heart is breaking for you :-(….you need an outlet too to vent your feelings so that you dont bottle them up, can you create a different facebook account so that we dont know its you but you can still release your emotions here on your site? Before you delete these post can you print them out incase you need them in court showing how he made you feel and all of our post too? just a thought. hugs to you!!!

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    • Sunny Daysps so glad you call your abuse center.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Lovetranquilizer. hahah right? Im SOOO triggered! Really bad. Its the first time I woke up crying in MONTHS. Feels so harrassing! Ill take a melatonin in a few – tracing down all of your suggestions are helping. 🙂 I guess now you all know, when the narc attacks, I struggle too. 🙂

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveSunny, I could do that and might for some generic feeling release. I’ll have to do some serious SEMANTICS ADJUSTING <—like all caps and exclamation points!! 🙂

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LovePS. Fear is SLOPPY! 🙂

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    • Sunny DaysI havent been triggered in a while…not looking forward to that again (still going through a torturous divorce)…but the last time I was triggered I started to watch my favorite music videos on you tube…this helped to divert my attention and relax my thoughts. Music is instrumental for our brains….when Gabby (us congressman for AZ) was in her initial rehab the therapist used music to recover some of her old memories and formed new ones…pretty cool stuff 🙂

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    • EditDelete

      After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Lovecool!!! Are you in AZ Sunny? 🙂

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveIf you want to msg the answer or not say, I understand. 🙂

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    • Sunny Daysno not in AZ 20/20 or dateline did a show on her recovery that was very interesting about brain inro recovery.

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    • Sunny Daysoops brain info recovery

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    • Sharon MegowanI’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this… you’re such an amazing person, and all that you do is truly appreciated by all those you help daily! I was just learning about narcs, sociopaths, and psychopaths, and wth had been happening to me… when I found this page and you’ve helped more than you know. It saddens me that it happens to so many, but was also nice to know I was not alone. Everytime I thought he’s going to leave me alone, I’ve been doing the whole no contact, and enough time would go by that I would start to heal and find peace again… then boom here we go again, after months of hearing nothing, I’d get a text, a call or a note on my gate… I pray to God to keep him and whom ever he manipulates into sending to my house away. He constantly bragged about how he’s a rebel. He is and he gets a way with a lot, he should be behind bars for the crap he’s done. I’ve started breaking the silence as well, and letting others know. I’m sure the narcs see this as a threat, they don’t want others to know or to be aware of the red flags, etc… the more we talk and educate others, the more word gets out and they’ll have less “supply.” *Hugs*

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    • Sunny Days here is one of the videos I watch when i am down…I have posted it before…Shania Twain wroted it on her journey of recovery after her husband left her for her best friend….

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    • Sunny Days ANA, here is an article on Gabby & music how I think music therapy is good for our brain too after watching Gabby and how they showed music working for her memory recovery….the music we listen to in middle, high school and college basically anything prior to “them” may open up old pathways to reconnect with old memories that we may have lost with their brain washing and mind control….just a theory/thinking outside the box

      As US congresswoman continues her rehabilitation, Philip Sherwell is   granted rare access to the clinic supervising her treatment.
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    • Evelyn Tan BanksANA, like many people here on your page, I have gotten so much info and support from you and your posts as well as from other people’s comments. Everytime I open my FB, I wish I could just keep reading every single post because it feels like you are talking directly to me, and that you know my situation. I’m being constantly educated and encouraged with all the information you provide. Hearing about what you are going through now gives me a feeling of sadness and fear at the same time. I can understand what you are going through. My ex uses legal threats every chance he gets, whether I respond to his emails and texts, or not, or if I don’t respond within the time frame that he expects me to. Between his aggressive attorney and the facade he puts up in court, he’s been able to get the judge to agree with him. He’s also told me that he knows where I go that it got me worrying about what else he knows and what he would do with whatever info he may have. Though I have nothing to hide or worry about, I know that he is skilled at lying and twisting things to put me in a bad light. Unfortunately it seems like the court system is not able to discern the symptoms of NPD. I hope and pray that you find the strength and comfort that you generously give to every one of us here. Please know that we will rally behind you, and that we believe the goodness in your heart will prevail.

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    • Sara McPhunStay strong lovely lady xxxxx

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    • Amy Gillespie OMuch love……hugs

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    • Mona Tadrosi’ll keep you in my prayers gerri

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    • Dan SchafferName and address pls?

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    • Michele FitchI am so sorry that you are going through.  This must have been the week for the narcs to attack.

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    • Patricia ScanlonANA–there really can be no other result–when authorities completely enabled him with the first round of abuse via false charges, he was given the mode,means and mechanism to get his claws in you–it will never stop as long as YOU rather than the police are required to protect yourself and end this premeditated harassment.  At this point I would go over the authorities and report what they have done and I would look into suing them.  I would never respond or engage the psycho in this–it is what he wants. You accepted from the authorities what is actually UNACCEPTABLE by taking the plea to get rid of it all–going along to get away NEVER works–I have learned the same mistake bc all I want is to be left alone and in peace–but BULLIES only know force. Go to your US attorneys office and demand they investigate all of it and hold the prosecutor accountable fo rthe enabling and act to end this now.

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    • Felicia Gaddy Corona‎((((((ANNA))))))))    slow down…..The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.   DO you believe the lord love you???????  God protects his children,  Remember that the devil may come But you have a God more powerful then satin….YOU WILL BE JUST FINE!!!!!  STOP FEARING,,,, GOD IS NOT OF FEAR!!!!  that is the devil doings..  faith is the key… keep your faith…you are a wonderful person, a sweet kind caring person… God see your works, he is not going too allow any thing too come of this… take a deep breath, and remember you have a God more powerful than any demon…..

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    • Kim Jacobs This is such a classic case of a sociopath. I wish I could do something to help as I am sure all who post here do. We are in support of whatever you need.

      • The early days of the dating is fast, furious, and vastly romantic. Oftentimes m…arriage proposals come within a few weeks. The “victim” sees the narcissist/Sociopath as the “Perfect Partner”. You have…
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    • Dawn BurroughsJust letting you know you have my support and I hope you are feeling stronger this morning.

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    • Lynn M. CarterANA, he is trying to re-engage you in the only way he knows how.  Remember they always approach in an extremely provocative way.  DO NOT ever respond directly to him.  That is where he will get his supply.  Ignore, ignore, ignore.  This is tremendously hard under the circumstances, I know, but you must do it.  If he gets you to respond, then he can support his current restraining order claim by saying you contacted him.  Think how foolish he will look filing against someone who is happily living their life without contacting him at all.  It may even casue HIM to get in trouble with the authorities.  Sending prayers, light ad love your way.

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    • Denise M Hardengirl, ive done all of the above…mine can’t take out anymore bogus protective orders now that im outta state (although he took 7 out in 12 weeks 9days after i finally filed for divorce)…i have complex PTSD as well (my kids too, even though just hours after taking out the first one he stripped my house clean, vandalized it, and moved w/my kids to another town…haven’t seen my kids in 20months, and they’re not doing well in spite of all his pretending that they are) i have no suggestions for you other than to do what you gotta do to heal…find a wonderful therapist familiar w/abuse issues, hold your head up, face forward (cuz that’s where you’re headed), and know that i (every member here) loves/supports you, no matter what feel free to check out my ‘about’ and my first published ‘note’…everything of mine is now ‘public’ and if you wanna check out my ex, ‘it’…check out the vid i just posted of my so s band…shameful on every level…no need for a definition of ‘malignant narcissist’ necessary when a pic speaks a thousand words (vid even more) love you!

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    • Sandra KoziolStay brave, stay strong, and as others have said, document everything!

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    • Denise M Hardenps. i only allow comments/’likes’ from friends…all he can do is watch while i make a complete ass outta him (ie. display his true colors)

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    • Samsara JonesOh ANA, I shed tears reading this.  My heart goes out to you.  This is sooo completely unfair.  I don’t have any words of wisdom for you at all.  I know how it feels though.  I had several months of “peace” and was really feeling good when all the divorce stuff started up again last February.  I remember feeling like the triggers were coming from every direction.  It’s been relentless since then and has never stopped even though the divorce is now over and done.  Mine didn’t stop, even with new victims.  He just kept going.  You asked if I’d fight the restraining order, and I don’t know what to say.  I want to say YES, but then, I know that for myself, every time I’ve fought back, it’s resulted in hell.  And yet, I still keep fighting.  I wish I could be there with you to give you moral support, hugs, whatever you need.  I so know the feeling of just not being able to go on.  I don’t understand why they can’t just leave us alone and give us some peace.  Is that really too much to ask for?

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LovePatricia, Thank you – YES I NOW FEEL that I need the protection FROM authorities as well. I will speak to an attorney about suing the state and reporting the abuse. I cant live like this.  I CANNOT CONTINUE TO BE HARRASSED AND STALKED right under the “authorities” noses.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveOhhh Lynn NO! I WILL NEVER CONTACT HIM! EVER! I have not had ANY contact with him for 19 months. He has been the one maintaining contact through the courts and by other means. NOT ME. NOT ONCE.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveLynn “Think how foolish he will look filing against someone who is happily living their life without contacting him at all” – Rather than foolishness, it has cause me a resurgence of fear for my own safety – because I am a person who is living my life HAPPILY WITHOUT him and WITHOUT contacting him – but HE wants to keep the connection through this court order.  Im simply sick this morning and fearful once again. Restless sleep and nightmares 2 nights in a row.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Love‎(((Sam)))) Tears. I dont get it. The domestic violence advocate I spoke to, said he’s trying to RUIN MY LIFE. She said his goal is clear, he is trying to RUIN me.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveHe is making sure that he can always have cops on speed dial — so that he can pin ANY unwanted messages he gets from people (the dude has MANY ENEMIES) to pin them on me. I cant allow the courts to give him a carte blanche “line of credit” to charge me with unfounded claims. THIS IS THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF HARRASSMENT.

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & Loveand he’s been getting away with it for 2 YEARS. I guess when you break up with “this guy” YOUR LIFE is suppose to be over.

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    • Denise M Hardenand if you let him get to you like this (continuously) he will ruin you…don’t let that happen…i gave up the court battle for my once beautiful/now all messed up kids & started doing this fb journal…he can keep the EVERYTHING (my kids, birth certificate, diplomas, clothes, past reputation, life) and do whatever the heck he pleases…the best way to defeat a narc is to ignore completely, even if it means losing all attachment to the things he stripped from you (me)… including the only thing that mattered from our 1.4million dollar estate that he got me to sign over so i could be reunited w/him&our kids…so i could come home after 6months of being homeless/starving b/c of all those bogus protective orders…im all done/focused on me, ‘today’ so that when this ‘mean’time is over and my babies come back…and they will…they will know the truth, as f’ked up as they are by what he’s said/done (only my kids think im to blame)…i refuse to be his supply anymore/ever again…and here, on fb…i take delight ripping him apart using his own self-inflated, narc ego! seriously, check out the vid on my page…it’s at the top on purpose! know that everything is gonna be alright…allow yourself to cry/be angry/make mistakes/break down but get right back up and make your life something you are proud of…don’t let this (him) define this moment/YOU ever again! xoxo

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveHE IS DEFINITELY NOT DEFINING ME! It’s the sheer harassment of ATTACKS that I am triggered by. I would have thought I was off his radar 19 months ago when I broke up with him. Knowing narcs, I understand they have issues not being able to let go of victims, but AUTHORITIES should see through his bullshit games & harassment. I HAVE RIGHTS & EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER MY STATES LAWS and THEY ARE NOT BEING UPHELD.

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    • Denise M Hardenunfortunately the authorities don’t b/c the narc is always under control, while we, victims, fall apart…me, arrested (2x’s) simply for going home, in violation of those bogus ‘protective’ orders issued by the ‘authorities’…even though neither he(anyone lived in my house and i KNEW)…had pics of my front door screwed shut w/2×4’s, holes in my walls, no appliances, heat shut off @the end of November…the ‘authorities’ walked through my house w/him after i was arrested for simply going home…the police report says he told the police, i shut the heat off (even though i have a receipt from an electrician just hours before) and that i took all the stuff when i had nothing and he moved w/my kids WEEKS before…those asshole authorities didn’t give a shit about what i had to say@all and while i was @central booking that son of a bitch, took my car &tge last of anything i had (sold it w/our other 3vehicles, bought himself a brand new car few days later)…was the night before thanksgiving and i had nowhere/nothing…called the authorities when i got to my driveway and found my car gone was told the same thing i was all the times he picked my kids up (in violation of the temp custody order…right b4 he kidnapped them)…im sorry, ma’am that’s a CIVIL matter…you’re fighting a losing battle w/the ‘authorities’/him/yourself…just focus on you, ALONE, or he won’t have to ‘kill’ you, he’ll get you to do it for him (physically/mentally/or both)… this too, shall pass (but you gotta let ALL of it go…easier said than done, i know)…heart aches for you/your family/all of us here

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveAs a result of this harassment, Im feeling very ill today.  I am in very poor spirits and realize that the only items Im posting are focused on my own situation & extremely negative and hopeless. It’s not fair to subject you all to this.  I am seeking medical assistance today and will come back when I can be less ME FOCUSED. I apologize in advance for my absence.

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    • Lila Graceyes, you need support not only from us, but also from some powerful organizations for women and for victims of abuse.. That’s what helped me a lot. I got help from a law office that specialized in helping low income victims, as well as an organization helping  women and children. And when I moved, I made sure that no one  would be informed about my new place, absolutely no one, esp those who knew him, or their friends. I even changed my dentist, doctor–everything…   He still tried to find me, he would still go to places he knew I’d go to buy food on certain days, like my local farmers’ market, but I changed those, too, so he got discouraged after a while and got himself new targets who were easy sources of Narcissistic Supply. Also, if I saw him from afar somewhere I’d make sure to AVOID any contact in person, and I tried not to think about him–one way or another, not to feed this energy, but rather to UN-hook from it altogether–good or bad.   They do get discouraged, you know, and find other ppl to vampire on, they can’t live workout fresh ‘blood’… My best to you, dear, good luck and healing energy to you 🙂

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    • Sunny DaysANA, please vent to us…it is fair…you listen to us and now it is your turn for us to listen to you. Please dont shut your self off…vent here or call the national domestic abuse hotline and talk with a counselor there 800-799-SAFE…You are not Alone!!

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    • Surprise! Know Who You Marry or DateI break the curse of any devourer, it will not destroy the fruit of ur labour in Jesus’ name! All blessings are retrieved from every evil attack!

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    • Samsara JonesANA, you can post ANYTHING you want, and you can vent all you want.  You can be as you focused as you need to be.  You have always always always been there for the rest of us.  We want to be here for you now.

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    • Dixie PatrowStay strong

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    • Samsara JonesLila, can you post the name of the powerful women’s organization that helped you?  I’ve never found any for myself.  I hope you’re right that they do get discouraged and find new sources.  I moved over 1000 miles, don’t keep in touch with anyone, but mine continues the abuse using legal channels.

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    • Anita Cole-SmithYou’re only human…and remember…This too shall pass!!!  It will all be okay.  It just seems really bad right now.  I’ve been through this sooooooo many times and he’s never brought me completely down…over 20 years now…They’re just bullys like you’d find on the playground at a elementary school.  DON’T let him bully you, push you around or get the best of you!!!  If you have to…Fight fire with fire.  Also, there’s nothing wrong with coming on here and asking for support yourself.  You never know it just may help someone in the same situation.

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    • Positive Vibezditto::( think just found my new calling: PPL like this WILL be Stopped! Promise!lets ALL come 2gether n STOP these MONSTERS! Ana-pray,plz

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    • Patricia ScanlonHave you sued him for slander and sought harassment charges against him?  I wish it were otherwise, but bullying these psychos back is ALL they understand

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    • Amanda Jane HendrieMy thoughts are with you. Sending you hugs xoxo

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    • Patricia ScanlonI feel horribly for you–you have not said a word of any of this crap here at all and you should not have to go through this alone nor in fear that the asshole is lurking here–what an absolutely impotent creep he is. This is terrorism.  We need to change the laws to have these psychopaths held fully accountable for their terrorism.

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    • Dawn ClabaughI am sorry to hear you are going through this … again. I can relate, especially how the triggering and stuff changes your state of mind and makes it much harder to be the REAL you … competent, caring, accomplished and all else. Hugs and definitely prayers for you! And it WILL be over; it just doesn’t seem or feel like it yet!

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    • After Narcissistic Abuse – There is Light, Life & LoveALRIGHT! After speaking with a valued and spirited and HONEST and AWESOME person of our group – MY SOUL HAS BEEN RECONNECTED with God. I think this particularly fitting to 1) SHARE and 2) Let this be the post that I DELETE after.  Here’s the sign:   The numbers “143” was a comment that has been used towards me by a few men in my life who couldnt say the words “I love you” (yeah, lets not talk about that) Anyway since breaking up with the narc Ive RECLAIMED MY phraseology and made it mean something of VALUE TO ME, PERSONALLY….so I’ve changed 143 to mean I Love YOU (meaning ME) 1 stands for I   4 stands for Love and 3 stands for YOU. I say this now to represent my love for myself. When I came back to revisit this post, guess how many comments there are????????? 143! I LOVE YOU!  *Poof* time to save a copy of this post for future understanding and support then delete. Thank you DEEPLY for the outpouring of support you all rallied for me. I love you all! ♥

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    • Debbie Hill‎(((Hugs))) You are in my prayers.  I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this.

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    • Lori BraswellHaven’t had a chance to read the other comments, but we are all of thinking of you and sending you love and light. Find something that you can draw positive energy from. If you can put your hands on an audio copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, listen to it. It helped me through my divorce from N and has helped again recently. After listening to it, I realized we all have journyes we must go on for whatever reason. It’s up to us to find the positive in them. You’ve already found one reason, to start this blog and help others. This time may not be as obvious at this time, but find the positive. We are all here for you. Hugs! ♥

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    • Felicia Gaddy CoronaNo one should have this kind of power over another,,  I feel so sorry for you right now,, (((( BIG HUGS)))))) I really dont see how he could do anything too you because you have not made contact,, Thats crazy, But i guess he is crazy.. He will look like the clown..  Please Hon,, understand he is just a little person, he is not a God… I would say get on your knees and pray and talk with God and have yourself a good cry,((( crying is a natural release its good for stress))) then  go wash your face, and tell your self,, I am a good person and I have a God bigger then any mountain.. I have nothing too fear, Because fear is of the devil.. God will not allow any bad too come my way// In Jesus name Amen..

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    • Darlene Glasshay sre u ok? fb me on the side if you want 2-talk,thats f-up!!

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    • Minnie Chughi dont know your name or anything about you honey , but your page and posts teach me a new thing everyday. I look forward to them. You are a special part of my life. thank you very much. You have given words of encouragemnt to so many of us here. Now its your turn. We are with you. You will be in my prayers.Be strong.

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  1. I went so far as to leave the country after having had continuous harassment by my former partner and her friends! One harassment after the other, including death threats from her friends. Among other things, she managed to get a restraining order against me, EVEN THOUGH WE HAD NOT EVEN HAD LINE OF SIGHT FOR SIX MONTHS!

    If anyone is interested, I even started blogging about it. It’s somewhat therapeutical to me and I also hope it might help others:

    Thank you so, so much for this article in particular and this blog in general!


  2. This is dedicated to everyone whose life has ever been messed with by a narcassist PLEASE READ.
    Without going into my whole story my Narc threatened my life and 10 days later was attacked by a wild animal!! It was in the news and although I already believe in God my first thought was “there really is a God!!!”
    Afterwards I had my restraining order hearing against him and the judge granted the restraining order, the next day he filed a restraining order against me. He sent me a picture of the injuries (which were not that bad) and a BILL for $7,500 for emotional abuse (apparently he thinks I hired the wild animal LOL).
    He stated in the court document that I filled a restraining order against him to see him in court so I could fulfill my sexual fantasies for him. He actually wrote that. The lawyer I hired (I have a professional career to protect) could not stop laughing when she read his document.
    This should be an easy win in court, but I worry since I never know what kind of crazy story he will come up with to tell the judge! The court date is 10 days away so please pray the judge sees the craziness of the situation.
    But this is dedicated to all those who have ever run in to a narc in their life, My friends and I have nicknamed the wild animal KARMA!!!!! May all of you have a wild animal do the same favor for you one day!!!!!! Listening to him squeal like a pig while being attracted (on the news someone had a video) was one of the best days I have had in a long time!!!


    • A week after my smear campaign, and filing a harrassment charge on my ex Narc, I also thought I’d never hear from him, especially after the humiliation he caused me, and caused so much emotional distraught also with my circle of friends, who now have slowly slipped out of my life, contacts me via Facetime via his email address cause I blocked him everywhere else. He told me not to contact him anymore, yet contacts me? It used to make me happy when I got that ‘validation’, it made me angry instead, because I now know the true meaning behind his contacting me. I am done. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever gone through, over nothing. He caused so much pain, for no other reason than someone else looking better than him. In a way, I’m grateful. Because this was it for me.


  3. FOr anyone who is dealing with this, im in the UK, there were no laws and Im not sure how advanced theyve got since my last contact of the narcissistic ass BUT if I was going to go again and not be turned away by the police I would put a report together , then MAINTAIN a diary of your feelings and movements, this is a legal document, keep it updated….tell people you have done tis, tell the police too, try to get police presence around your area of location. so sorry you have to go through this its an awful thing ………


  4. Help, I just discovered a friend if mine has NPD. After 30 years of friendship we got in to our first argument (I don’t see or talk to this person very often) afterwards he refused to speak to me for a month. Once a week during that month I sent him an email asking what was wrong and if we could talk about it.
    Out of the blue one day he called my roommate threatening to hit me over the head with a crowbar if I ever contact him again. When I got the information I called him and left a message on his machine that I hated him and never wanted anything to do with him again so he did not have to worry about me ever contacting him again.
    The next day I get a letter from his attorney saying that he is pursuing a restraining order against me for stalking and harassment, plus other criminal and civil issues. Will a judge put a restraining order against me for four emails and one phone message? Non of them were threatening or anything, just asking him what was wrong and why he would not talk to me.
    Should I initiate the restraining order against him for the threat he made about me to my roommate?
    I work for the government and can not afford to have a restraining order against me!
    What should I do?


    • Mrs. Ed Miller, Jr.

      Maybe you ought to pay an escort to vear his attention away from you. Refocus may be a temporary resolution. Godspeed baby girl


  5. Just my two cents and take em’ for what they’re worth. Your need for support from a largely anonymous internet community is off putting to me. Anyone who reads here including myself likely has a neurosis of one kind or another. A
    post like this can put overly conscientious people into “helping” mode which is not that useful for recovery as it was often what puts people in situations like this in the first place. I agree with others who say you are feeding the vampire by giving him power (anxiety, fear etc.). You mention you haven’t requested support in 19 months. Why now? You’ve been writing from a place of understanding for that long and yet seem not to have applied the learning to yourself. I say seem because I’m sure you have come a long way and it’s normal to be triggered. If it were me I might ask myself what am I getting out posting this? What benefit is there? Short term relief at best? I would encourage readers to ask yourselves what was triggered when you read it. Anger towards your monster transferred to hers, someone you haven’t met? Fear of a life of ongoing pain like the writers? I was triggered enough to write but only after thinking about it for 24 hours. I think emotional posts which call on “strangers” for help opens people up to abuse. The post made me wonder if the writer was manipulating the good intentions of others. There’s a strong possibility this isn’t the case but I think it’s valuable to explore it. We who care for people who are in pain are in danger of exploitation by those who see very well how it can be used for their gain . Be wise. (I am aware of the irony of taking care of others by warning people against caregiving-I’m neurotic like that).


  6. Wow I have done exactly the same thing.the only difference is I have a child with him I had to move with my mom then secretly move into my house in the middle of the might. I’m constantly looking over my shoulder because he’s always liein to everybody. He hates me and I’m kind of glad I’m just scared if to what he might do. He has a woman she even helps him stalk me . He has lies about our whole relationship to make hisself look good.


  7. i been divorced 4 years from a 23 year marriage hes 19 years older than me…today he is 65 and i am 46, i never even saw the narcissist in him untill the last 6-7 years of our marriage. today he still continues to torment me thru family and freinds, he pays them to keep track of me, see what i have in my accounts etc etc. i cant take it anymore he has brought me down…. way down. he took everything from me, left me with hardly anything. i live in az so rightfully i get half of everything we bought together when we were married…..he left me with a love seat, 3 towels and a frying pan and i get half of his pension which goes on bills court fines and monthly expenses im left with about 200 for the next 3 weeks. he ,makes my life as miserable possible. he has done horrible acts of emotional and mental abuse towards me. he would tell me i was crazy, i hear things and make up stories,he think hes gods gift to the world,concieted when hes not all that ,he has to be right even when hes wrong he played mind games with me pretending to care.he would humiliate me in front of workers, he had many many affairs.he would call me from motel saying he was at work. there is so much more to say but it becomes a lifetime movie. i know its been 4 years but it still lingers and he conitues to torment me even though i keep away from him. i have soooo much rage in me …i wish he would die i know that is very strong to say but when you have been abused the way i have ,thats what i feel inside. he is the devil in disguise..jeckyl and hyde. please in need advice on how to deal with this im tring but it never seems good enough ,he always has something up his sleeve to make me more miserable.


    • Dont give him the gratification he yet needs. We can inspire one another he don’t have any power unless you allow it to bother you. My son father has had his family become my friend to watch me but I’m a child of god and the devil is a lie. I deal with them as little as possible. But I have to deal with his mom every other weekend because I refuse to let him know where I live like the courts what’s me to do. He done had me in over 10 courtcases in the last 2years. I’m physicals drained but I fight because I have kids that didn’t ask to be subject to his bullshit.


  8. Oops, I meant to say he has seen his son only three times over the course of ten years. First visit was when our son was six months old, second and third visit was a few months ago.


  9. Loved the article! I have an extremely narc ex and who have a ten year old son together. He has not ever been in his life really, which is probably a good thing. The problem is, I allowed my son to see his dad after he started asking where his dad was. Three visits and I was so done with his behavior. The lying, stealing, manipulating, conning, sneaky bastard is not the kind of person my son should be exposed to. It’s just wrong. He didn’t give a crap about his own child or how much he is affecting him. He’s only seen his son three times because he never tried to in the first place. I never denied him access, he CHOSE not to see him of his own free will. Ten years later, he still blames me for his reckless decisions. At this point I Havre decided to file for child support, but how do I go about telling him? Should I even tell him AT ALL? I’m afraid of what he might do. He’s the type to make threats through text and voicemail screaming about how he would make me pay the price for not catering to his demands. Saying “if you don’t answer my calls or texts, I will walk out of your lives forever! I will disappear and never see our son ever again! Don’t mess with me little girl, I’m not playing with your ass. Answer me right now. You WILL do what I say. Watch your back bitch! I have connections.” It’s like, is that a threat or a promise? Don’t threaten me with a good time. Lol. I could care freaking less if I never see him again, but my son does care! He has like four other kids from four different women, all of whom left him for this same reason. He acts like he is too good to be bothered by the inconvenience of having to do anything for or with his kids, yet he plays the victim every time. I just don’t know what to do. I know he will be furious when he is served with child support papers. I don’t know if he is all bark and no bite, but its still a possibility that he might come after me, or even worse, harm his son to get back at me. He’s got the biggest ego I have ever seen and its sickening. I need advice. Ugh, sometimes I want to just tell him “kill yourself”.


  10. Your words comforted me when I posted for the first time. In all the darkness your light helped me. I send you much love and light. Don’t feed his fire with your light; keep it shining for you. He is not worthy. xx


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