It is JUST a matter of time because we ALL have and expiration date with a Narcissist!

It is JUST a matter of time because we ALL have and expiration date with a Narcissist! Our value to a Narcissist is measured ONLY by what we have to offer that they want or need and NOTHING else. We are ONLY a useful TOOL or an OBSTACLE to a Narcissist – it is ALWAYS and ONLY about what they want and when you do not provide it you will see the true psychopathy of their rage and annihilation of your life and world – especially if you call them out for their deception. A Narcissist intentionally smears the reputation of anybody that has any personal connection to them because we ALL have an expiration date with them based on a particular need or something they want from us! Once they are done, they need to silence us by trying to destroy our reputation!

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

So much truth in these words. NOBODY can understand how the Narcissist weaves little bits of truth from KNOWING us into horrendous and slanderous lies to use against a target/victim that has caught onto their delusional world. They have purposely accumulated so much information from our personal connection with them and they mean to distort that information and turn it against us WHEN THEY NEED TO. That is what can make their stories SEEM somewhat true to the listener because they personalize it with real information that was totally distorted! Remember they are shrewd manipulators and liars and have been acting out against their victims ALL of their lives, so they are pros at this. Never put anything past them when you have seen through their façade – they will fiercely protect themselves and fight dirty. Otherwise, they will be outed as the abuser they really are and they cannot ever allow that!

So then, what is the kiss of death to a predator like the Narcissist, EXPOSURE because it is like a repellant that warns new and potential prey (supply) to mistrust and run away from the Narcissist! So, with this in mind a Narcissist lives in constant fear of people finding out that they are a wolf behind sheep’s clothing, or they ONLY use ALL people, they want to take away or extort everything that you have that they do not have, and they will vandalize your reputation/integrity and good image to improve their own – they malign all people – especially when you uncover their motives. They live in the constant fear of ANYBODY learning the shocking truth about their past exploits, or the many other people they have intentionally destroyed. They also live-in constant fear of people discovering what they do in the shadows or their immoral and perverse world and the many ‘others’ they participate with regularly because they MUST maintain that moral façade.

So, what a Narcissist puts into motion is pathological — treating us like dirt and maligning us behind our backs to control and destroy us because in time we realize the truth so they MUST destroy us first to escape exposure of who and what they are. This is seriously WRONG and distorted beyond any words I can convey because they lure us into their world with false emotions so they can extort whatever it is they need from us – and then as if to add insult to the injury they are going to seriously try to silence us AND destroy us so they can move on to their next target. They are predators that are pre-loaded with delusion, psychopathy, and abuse. This seriously puts Narcissists in their own special class with Psychopaths or like a branch from the same Psychopath tree. The class of people who do not wish you or any other human being any sense of well-being, no matter what or how friendly, caring or loving you are. This is the same class of predators as physical, sexual or ANY other kind of abusive predator and Narcissists are just as dangerous. Seriously we MUST internalize that Narcissists really are predators and dangerous, but many people just do not appreciate the true meaning or the reality of Narcissistic abuse or see it as destructive as it is to people, families, organizations, or anybody that has any connection to a Narcissist. NO/minimal contact to get completely away from these abusers. Greg

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