You have put too much of ‘you’ into this fictitious and destructive character already and it got you to a horrific place in your life.

A little extra:  You have put too much of ‘you’ into this fictitious and destructive character already and it got you to a horrific place in your life. You MUST internalize the truth about them to finalize the abuse or you will stay stuck in the cycle of remaining a target/victim to more and more of it WITH or WITHOUT them in your life. What would you NEED to finally make the connection that Narcissists do not have ANY emotional depth or reality and the image they presented to you was a HUGE vicious betrayal and con job? They have emotions because everyone else in the world that they live in has emotions, so they have to pretend to have emotions and everything else that makes a human being normal so they can fit into OUR existence and get into our lives and heads. YES, you probably miss them, but seriously ask yourself WHAT IS IT THAT YOU MISS? Look at where you are because of your connection and answer that question honestly. You miss what you thought was real, but you don’t miss being abused and damaged and that is all you will ever get from your relationship with them!

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

 A Narcissist’s shallow emotions are as real as a sharks attempt to show emotion by saying they want to be your best friend because they are feeling a little bit lonely, and they want to get to know you better. That shark will invite you over for dinner, drinks, and some great chatting. But you won’t make it past dinner because you are intended to be dinner because that is the mechanics of that shark.

 The Narcissist acts out in the same predatory manner that a shark does but with many disguises PERSONALIZED just for you to simply trick you into getting closer to them so they can essentially extort or devour your life. They do not feel any connection or empathy to honor you as a person. With them there is no such thing as integrity, or a ‘give and take’ that is geared toward your rights or any moral behavior and especially as it concerns LOVE. They want what they want and if you have it they pour out the emotions just as if you and the Narcissist fit together like puzzle pieces. Oh, they do know that ACTING morally correct is the thing to do and they understand every social rule, but they are disconnected from ‘right and wrong’ or the pain of remorse for having served themselves at the exclusion of others. They abide by nobodies’ rules, no laws or anything that restricts them from attaining their needs. These are the world’s biggest con artists that preach from their moral pulpits and then denigrate life in private.

 Narcissists pretend they have feelings by mimicking behaviors that are all around them. Simply put the big ‘why’ is because they are predatory and NEED to camouflage themselves to fit in. Greg

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