A little extra:  Every day is just a new day and new lies. Every day is just a little bit more managing down to take one more piece of our life away. Every day is just one more day to backstab us and smear our integrity to the very people we love in our lives. Every day is just more incredulous manipulation, lies, and stories to keep us stuck. Every day is a cover up story to hide the Narcissist’s perverted life of lies. Every day is one more day that the Narcissist uses to ultimately destroy us because a Narcissist knows we will stop believing in them. Our strength and individuality always wins over their darkness and the reality of the truth will set us free. A Narcissist is an emotional/psychological terrorist and dictator that demands complete control over their world and people.

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

Their life is one big and constant out-of-control CHAOS hurricane spinning around and causing devastation to anything in their path. They look at us as weak and fools because we fell for their circus style life. They feel as if they are just that smart to get what they want and grin at our loss and their gain. They are neither smarter nor superior than us, instead they are extortionists, pathological liars and psychological rapists. Again, this is just their keen ability to hide their reality and live within their own extreme denial. They couldn’t live in our world because of their pathology and darkness so they will always camouflage themselves or they would lose their place among other human beings and the ability to use people as supply.

This is not an attempt to demean them, or a lack of empathy toward a fellow human being. We ALL gave MORE than enough of our empathy, concern and love and that NEVER worked. It just spurred this monster on and into a frenzy to destroy and devalue us more so they could run off as the coward they are and avoid the truth from us exposing them for what they are. This is just the absolute truth as it concerns them and what we must internalize to set ourselves free form this disaster. Greg

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