The truth about what REALLY lives behind that MASK and façade – and it is scary especially to those of us that have experienced it firsthand.

The truth about what REALLY lives behind that MASK and façade – and it is scary especially to those of us that have experienced it firsthand. We must see them for what they really are and discard them completely from our mind, heart, soul, and life. There is no person ‘in there’ that celebrates the goodness in people or in life – nor can they bond with anyone in any type of relationship because they have NO EMPATHY to do so!

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

SO, what is really behind that mask? A personality disordered individual and an abuser that creates chaos and destruction to anybody or anything in its path. Biologically they are a human being, but they live for the pleasure of controlling and harming others to get what they want. This is a fact however we want to describe it clinically or otherwise because they cannot internalize emotions, feelings, care, love or ANTHING because they just do not bond with people at all – they use and abuse them!

In the overall design of things, misfortune to others does not matter to the Narcissist when they have objectified a human being to obtain their drug of choice or “supply.” It is solely based on what this person has to offer, or what can be taken from this person, and this must resonate in the Narcissist’s grand scheme of things. The Narcissist is convinced of their uniqueness (omnipotence) and basically, we are there to serve their needs – they are delusional in this manner. There are no written laws that the Narcissist will comply with when it comes to how they treat other people especially WHEN THAT MASK SLIPS and the ‘reactive abuse’ begins.

There are no human rights whatsoever involved either, basically we are there for their use and they completely exploit everything they can from us – mentally and physically. They feel no remorse in their acts of deviance to secure supply in the least bit. Lies, betrayal, manipulation, etc., are only tools to extract what they need before they move on to the next and the next and the next. They have perfected and honed these tools to work to their utmost advantage to meet their needs in EVERY situation.

The narcissist is always fanatical, extreme, and extremely dangerous because of their all-pervasive nature that permeates every aspect of their life. Couple that with their non-existent empathy for life and people and you have a dangerous predator on the loose. The “people objects” that they manipulate into their pervasive world are always the casualties. At stake is NEVER EVER the preservation of the person the Narcissist uses – but instead the Narcissist’s very own NEEDS and survival.

As with ALL Narcissistic supply (all sources), once the person or people are no longer instrumental – the Narcissist loses all interest in them, devalues them, and ignores them. They are like a child with a huge pile of toys to play with BUT always wanting more – and when they see a new bright and shiny toy, they WANT IT and WANT IT now – and then they cast the rest aside until they want them again. The Narcissist might even wish to destroy the person as a punishment or revenge for incompetence at providing Narcissistic supply. Narcissists switch supply and ideologies with the ease as defined by the way they change partners, spouses and value systems.

Furthermore, they cannot tolerate any sign of independence and autonomy from their supply or “people object”, this only serves to enrage them because they need this complete control to function within their delusional world. The narcissistic supply is there to serve them, so they try to cement their source of supply into the role they have made for them, and there they remain under the narcissist’s control. What that omnipotent and superior Narcissist fails to see is that they are co-dependent on us for their survival – pretty ironic when you think about how superior these creatures seem to believe they are. When in doubt they discredit, lie, and destroy anyone to shore up their delusional and fake identity.

No Contact – shut these monsters and their vermin minions out of your life so you can live again because there is no reality living with them only destruction! Water always finds its level – and these creatures do meet up with their karma just by the process of intentionally hurting so many people (and family) and everybody just avoids them completely. You may not always see it like a huge lit up billboard that says, “This Narcissist met their karma,” but look under a few rocks and you will find them there alone and in the darkness that they only created for themselves! No/minimum contact because you are an amazing person that deserves your good life back! Greg

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