Gas-lighting – How the Narcissist pushes their target/victim to the point of insanity – and YES this is intentional!

From my Book – Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

Gas-lighting – purposely pushing you to the point of insanity. This is where the real struggle within starts for the target/victim, because it is ever so slow and insidiously done making you believe that YOU have severe issues around your mental acuity as well as accepting the blame for every issue. The target/victim starts questioning their own thought processes (sanity) because of the severe confusion that is directly related to the gas-lighting from their abuser. When you are constantly told that your memory, thoughts, experiences, feelings, reactions, and instincts are emphatically wrong, chances are you will eventually start to believe the Narcissist. It is akin to brainwashing.

The Narcissist is so very adept at confusing and confounding their target/victim by consistently BUT slowly and methodically “countering” every real thought. This throws the victim off the subject matter at the time, getting them to mull over their memory, confusion, or mental acuity. Remember the Narcissist spent a great deal of time to “charm” you and gain your adoration, love, and TRUST. When we trust someone, we BELIEVE that they have our best interest at heart. Unfortunately, we never realized that we were charmed to be harmed because the Narcissist’s agenda is to objectify us in an effort to extort as much “supply” from us that he/she can, and they can only do this through controlling us. It also serves another function – deflection and diversion! Let’s call it what it really is – severe emotional/psychological abuse. Knowledge is very powerful because it gives us clarity and closure to move forward and heal. No/minimal contact ALWAYS. Greg

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