What a Narcissist does to their target/victim.

What a Narcissist does to their target/victim. It is called emotional and psychological abuse, BUT it would be more realistic to call it emotional/psychological terrorism because it can literally destroy a person, whole families, organizations, or ANYBODY that has any association with a Narcissist.

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

Do you feel so much confusion around your life like you are in a fog and not functioning normally and have lost control? Are there so many layers of negativity surrounding this relationship from arguing, lies, manipulation, betrayal, debasing, dehumanizing and a sense of hopelessness? Does it feel that reality as it concerns this person you care about or even love is thrown out the door? Who are they? You don’t even have a range or perspective about them personally, but instead a conflicting reality that disables you instead. Life seems to be full of anxiety as you suppress so many things because you are just not allowed to be an individual by any means. You are feeling controlled as if this person exerts power over you to keep you that way. You are constantly threatened as far as your place in the relationship – one wrong move and they are going to leave you. You never do anything right!

They compound the entire connection/relationship with a definition of you that includes so many negative issues, mental illnesses; you are more or less described as a derelict in their eyes. They have never encountered someone like you in their lives You are made fun of, accused of issues around your morality, you hear things that you have supposedly done that are OUTRAGEOUS lies. You find yourself constantly confronted by a raging maniac that bellows out how horrible you are constantly. You are blamed and shamed for things you have never done but you believe with all your heart and soul that these things have been done TO YOU INSTEAD!

Then one day you are abandoned and NOW you find yourself labeled by all of these things and suddenly your integrity has been dismantled all around you in a manner that destroyed many areas of your life. You have been smeared to all of your friends, co-workers, and family – in essence you have spent your days with this person being set up as a hideous and destructive failure and now it has come to fruition and this person has ruined your reputation to the very people you care about and love! Now your losses are many and you are just too vulnerable to function because of this!

In a nutshell this is a sampling of what these abusers do to good people. Knowledge is power to understand that this was/is abuse and imperative to moving forward to recovery, healing, and a healthy lifestyle. OUR voices are also VERY important to speak out about the devastating truth surrounding this abuse. No/minimal contact to BREAK the cycle of abuse. Greg

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