Some facts and truth about a Narcissist and the methods they use to control people to feel powerful.

Some FACTS and TRUTH about a Narcissist and the methods they use to control people to feel powerful.

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

Let’s describe some their tactics or mode of operation to diminish people: The Narcissist’s reign of terror and destruction begins with small negative comments about the victim. The Narcissist will begin to mentally disassemble the victim’s self-esteem and beliefs about themselves and the relationship. What was once considered the perfect relationship now becomes a relationship that is unnerving, controlling, debasing, dehumanizing, gut wrenching, unstable and full of blame and shame. The victim is constantly kept emotionally and psychologically off balance by the insidious behaviors of their narcissistic partner. The Narcissist will make plans with the victim and cancel at the last minute. The Narcissist will talk only of themselves and THEIR needs and desires. If the victim dares to express individualism or a personal need, the Narcissist will instantaneously strike, like a venomous snake to harshly remind the victim that the Narcissist needs are more important. The Narcissist will talk of making plans with the victim for their future and then the next day speaks of the future only in terms of the Narcissist’s future. The Narcissist will conveniently forget to pay back money he/she has borrowed from the victim as well as conveniently undermining many daily activities to make the victim feel unstable within the relationship. The Narcissist is disassembling the victim’s self-esteem, spirit, psyche and ENTIRE life little by little to gain complete control and drain the target/victim completely of every resource they can. This is considered brain-washing and even terrorizing a victim into submission through these destructive CONTROL tactics. Remember this Narcissist is also pursuing constant supply on the side and the target/victim will soon come to realize that betrayal is a HUGE issue that will compound the devaluation process even more.

What is there – IF ANYTHING – that is redeemable about them? NOTHING at all, and we must come to terms with this and abandon EVERYTHING about them from our mind, heart, and soul! This was never a relationship it was subjugation from a personality disordered abuser to dominate and control a good person. NO/minimal contact always.


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