There is ALWAYS an agenda with a Narcissist – NOT a relationship!

Narcissists always have a self-serving AGENDA and never a real relationship, a connection, or a human bond with anybody — it is apparent when we see the real person behind the mask in how they malign and control people to get what they want. Once we see that truth and act upon it with no/minimal contact WE TAKE BACK OUR POWER! Stop believing in this Narcissist!

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist

Narcissists are unable to put themselves in the place of another person as far as understanding what harm they are causing them because they are operating solely on a personal agenda that always and only benefits them. This is because a Narcissist is totally lacking empathy first – and secondly because they know that they can have power over people if they confound/confuse them using control with a mix of CHARM and HARM. Narcissists act in very cold and cruel ways towards those who are closest to them. A Narcissist acts sadistic in the full meaning of the word, being cold and insensitive towards the pain of others AND they use it as a tool to further manage a person down.

Narcissists simply avoid accessing any mental “tools” that would personally blame them and just deny their behavior as causing great pain, anxiety and depression to the people who are close to them. They justify it with ‘blaming and shaming’ through projection. Basically, they feel that they deserve special attention in every aspect of their life even when they lie and betray people. If they go out and have a one-night stand, it is our fault because we haven’t met all of their needs – so it isn’t their fault and we better get over it and start serving them in better ways than we have. Plus, they are slippery and slimy characters that aren’t going to admit to anything that deems them accountable for ANYTHING in life because they avoid/deny the mechanisms to do so. Hmmm, isn’t that a cognitive process that defines them as thinking and knowing that they are doing something wrong and ‘covering’ it up to avoid exposure? Yes, so I would say that they quite possibly know exactly what they are doing and JUST DON’T CARE one iota about people – it IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL with them to get everything they want and at whatever cost! NO/minimal contact always to take their power away! Greg

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