Narcissists corrupt people’s ‘normal’ AND their complete life!

Narcissists corrupt people’s ‘normal’ AND their complete life! They condition us ONLY into believing that we have to view life with them as always having to FIX things because everything we do is wrong or doesn’t please them. Truth be known, we can NEVER please them because they are a bottomless pit of neediness!

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist

The Narcissist has manipulated and managed us down to a point where we do not even trust OUR own feelings and perceptions – in other words abuse has dissembled and corrupted our normal. Over the years we internalized this twisted and distorted relationship and bent our own emotions in an effort to FIX the relationship we believed in. We can’t buy into those distortions and recover because we cannot fix what is not really there in the first place. That process is still running through our heads even though they have physically parted from our lives and we MUST shut this down completely.

It was a horrendous roller coaster ride to keep us in a controlled state of confusion/fear with so many ups and downs and no end to the ride but now it is time to jump off. As hard as it may seem for us to purge all of the abuse out of us, it CAN be done. We were normal and psychologically sound people PRE-Narcissist and we can get back to what and who we once were. It does require deep introspection and setting up boundaries in our life.

There are many theories out there and they all have their purpose, but it must begin with us. Get healthy first by breaking completely away from ANY emotional tie and connection and THEN recovery begins. This can be done with no-contact AND minimal contact as well when there are divorce proceedings, biological children, business connections, family ties, or legal issues – BUT everything that ties you to a Narcissist has to be BUSINESS only because remember they are abusers that want to always have that control over you to drag you back into the chaos – DON’T let them. Remember knowledge, education, validation, a voice, time, and support from other targets/victims is key to moving forward – AND no/minimal contact. Greg

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