They are pathological blamers and NOTHING is ever their fault, even how they abuse people!

They are pathological blamers that will terrorize your thoughts and words if you do NOT accept what they say.

From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist.

Narcissists are COMPLETE masters of spin and diversionary tactics to con people through positive CHARM and manipulation to win them over or HARM and control them with brute verbal force (raging), delusional reasoning, emotional withholding, lies, bullying, psychological terrorism, or basically abusive tactics – and THEN they will even blame a person for what THEY have done. If you’re involved with a Narcissist, you know these communication strategies firsthand.

When you present real facts (or any facts for that matter) that contradict their delusional beliefs, they bamboozle you by using off-topic tangents (diverting), changing the subject or creating a new accusation AGAINST YOU! Just to add a bit more clarity – it doesn’t even have to be something they disagree with – they will always try to bulldoze down anything and everything a person says to gain control and power over them – or again the phrase I coined that describes their motives – managing people DOWN. While you’re still defending your original point and its validity, the Narcissist diverts you into another direction (because you’re making sense/telling the truth) by jumping to another topic that’s completely out in left field to completely confuse the situation. They will go on and on to gain complete control over you and to remove any semblance of the original topic to win their game – by the time the argument is done you have forgotten your original thoughts because you are wrapped up in so many new layers of their crazy-making and chaos. What is the end result? Over time we just give in and lose a little bit more of ourselves – that is being managed down.

At heart, a Narcissist is a terroristic bully who will try to steamroll anyone who disagrees with them. It’s not just about keeping control of THEIR reality (or that façade built of lies), but controlling everyone else’s reality, too – even if they AGREE with the Narcissist. When you allow a narcissist to determine reality it would be akin to letting one of the inmates control the asylum where they are being held. We have the power to say ‘no’ to all of this – and that happens once we gain the clarity to see that what we are dealing with is a pathological liar and bully that has no concern for life or people – it is their way or no-way – so lets go the ‘NO-WAY’ and discard them completely from our thoughts, heart, mind, soul, and everything else we can to shut that door forever! Greg

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