Such a powerful truth about this abuse as it concerns the children of Narcissistic parents. This abuse is NEVER singular and it can and does infect or contaminate the entire family – which definitely includes the biological children. The abuse can affect the children for their entire life. The dynamics of the abused family does not allow for emotional growth and maturity, individuality, acceptance, or for needs to be met by ANY member — it is more about survival – or surviving the many levels of chaos and abuse and finding coping methods for each member within the dysfunctional family structure. How does a child or any member of that family cope when this is all they know? The child cannot request another parent or even actualize that their reality is actually abuse – this unfortunately becomes their normal. Our voices are so important to yield a strong message that this abuse is so damaging to all people – and that damage can be a lifelong struggle. Our voices are also important to get a message out there and a lifeline for those very people that need support and help. Greg

Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist.

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