Catch NARCISSIST (the Movie) on Amazon Prime until Labor Day, 2017!

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, make sure you check out Eric Casaccio’s 17-minute award-winning film NARCISSIST for free while it’s still available.  This short film brilliantly captures the essence of having a short-term relationship with someone with narcissistic personality disorder and will definitely make you stop and think.

To view on Amazon Prime, click HERE  … or on the poster image below!




BEST LGBT FILM – NIFF Houston International Film Festival, 2015
BEST STORY – Granite State Film Festival, 2015
BEST DRAMA – Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, 2015
BEST LGBT FILM – Toronto Independent Film Festival, 2014
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD – Boston LGBT Film Festival, 2014
BEST OVERALL SHORT FILM – Q-Cinema: Ft. Worth’s LGBT Film Festival, 2014
BEST LGBT FILM – ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, 2014
HONORABLE MENTION – NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, 2014
LGBT HONORABLE MENTION – SENE Music, Film & Art Festival, 2014 (Providence, RI)
RUNNER UP BEST ACTOR (Brionne Davis) – GO Independent Int’l Film Festival, 2016     NOMINEE: BEST DRAMA & BEST CAST ENSEMBLE – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, 2015
NOMINEE: BEST SHORT FILM – North Hollywood Cinefest, 2015
NOMINEE BEST ACTOR IN A SHORT FILM (Brionne Davis) – Northern Virginia International Film Festival, 2015
NOMINEE BEST ACTOR IN A SHORT FILM (Brionne Davis) – Austin Revolution Film Festival, 2015
NOMINEE BEST ACTOR IN A SHORT FILM (Hunter Lee Hughes) – Milledgeville Film Festival, 2016
GOLDEN AWARD – California Film Awards, 2015
NOMINEE FOR BEST LGBT PROJECT- Action On Film International Film Festival, 2014
AWARD OF MERIT – The Accolade Competition, 2014
AWARD OF MERIT – Best Shorts Awards, 2014


“a most unexpected masterpiece, with a story that is both universal and heartfelt “

Film Threat

“… you feel as though Casaccio is going to take you to one destination, only to shock you with his ultimate ending, that will leave you wanting more, feeling a true spirit of kinship with the leading men in the film” 

Highlight Hollywood

“A film that must be seen” 

Amos Lassen

“Eric Casaccio nails the various and vain moods of the egotistical gay man in his short film Narcissist.”

“a menacing feel that is wonderfully handled, as the issue of trust central to any relationship is played out right before your eyes”

Gay Celluloid

“Brings home the emotional experience of being traumatized by someone manipulative and controlling”

Scott’s Movies Comments

“…it’s well written, the acting is great and the message is one that is relevant and timely”

Rogue Cinema

As the third short directed by Casaccio, Behind the Hype is more than ready to see what he’s capable of doing with a feature length film. Considering the depth with which he’s able to explore the theme of his choosing within such a short time frame (Narcissist clocks in at about 17 minutes), it’s easy to imagine the impact he could have with the 90-minute realm.”

Behind the Hype

” … covers a lot of ground and shows the disintegration of a relationship at the hands of the lead character, a narcissist, who of course doesn’t think he’s in the wrong.”

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