There is no such thing as a normal or real relationship with a Narcissist, and you can only learn this the hard and painful way. If the perpetrator is/was a person you loved, admired, or looked up to as a role model, or a wife, husband, parent, guardian, friend, relative, etc., you don’t understand the real depth because most of the time you loved this person, trusted them and wanted to believe in them — you went the extra mile for them and that is what makes this abuse so horrendous when the truth is apparent.


From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @


 Being a victim of Narcissistic abuse is a severely traumatic life experience that you are dealing with by yourself. If the perpetrator is a person you loved, admired, or looked up to as a role model, or a wife, husband, parent, guardian, friend, relative, etc., you don’t understand the real depth because most of the time you loved the person, trusted them and wanted to believe in them – you went the extra mile for them. If your professional life is entangled with a Narcissistic boss, getting out of the abusive relationship may be extremely challenging, especially when this is your livelihood, or your bread and butter.


 It may seem frightening and insurmountable after the time you have invested, and you may be tempted to put up with more abuse, as an attempt to defuse the situation and save what mattered so much to you in any of the relationships you were entangled in with these cruel monsters. BUT there is no such thing as anything near a normal or real relationship with a Narcissist, and you can only learn this the hard and painful way. There is no healthy give-and-take relationship with a Narcissist, only a manipulative, crippling, subjugating type of giving and a demanding, exploitative, and insensitive type of taking what the Narcissist wants to fulfil their needs only. People are only OBJECTS that a Narcissist uses in whatever manner to make themselves look better, get some sort of admiration, steal your accomplishments, bring notoriety to themselves by connecting with you, get something you have that they want and need, use you as a shield to hide their darkness, or whatever it is that YOU have and THEY need.


 It is especially difficult to accept this when your interactions with them are at the personal, professional, familial or intimate level. How much of yourself, your work, your aspirations, do you have to sacrifice in order to save your life and your psyche from the destructive assaults from your narcissistic abuser? They TRICKED you to get you to trust them so that you would become their next victim to use – we are only supply to them!


 Don’t try to fight a war that you can’t win because a Narcissist lacks any and all morals. You can’t engage in reality with a person that lacks morals or with issues that require a person to have a conscience and expect to be heard, yet alone find common ground or any sort of closure. Narcissists have no sense of guilt or remorse for their actions because they lack the mechanics to do so. There is NO WAY you can shame them into accepting responsibility for their mindless and thoughtless approach to other people especially if it is “you.” Don’t ever underestimate their depravity as it concerns their lack of respect for life and people – they will abuse anyone that stands in their way, even their own biological children or ANY family member.


 So how could you have been such a fool? The painful realization often comes with the disbelief of just how could we have not realized that he/she was like this? That’s another thing that educating yourself about this disorder will teach you very clearly or that the Narcissistic personality is especially good at being pathologically deceptive and manipulative, at simulating genuine affection and caring to gain our trust so they can essentially abuse us. In reality the Narcissist is only capable of caring about themselves and THAT is as far as their scope goes. The Narcissist can BASICALLY imitate that they care about you or even love you as long as he/she continues to see you reflect extreme adulation and admiration for them, which is usually in the beginning of your personal relationship with them. Underneath all of that is a delusional and out-of-control amoral person that lacks respect for life and people and has no conscience about how they debase people to GET WHAT THEY WANT – supply. That is what it all boils down to – we satisfy some sort of need – and they have many needs, and many people they use to satisfy their immense needy void hole. The unfortunate aspect of all of this is the Narcissist KNOWS how to con people with their extreme CHARM and love bombing AND in such a natural way.


 The perceptions of the Narcissist are truly their reality. If you look back you have never been able to change or influence their perceptions because they got louder and completely ignored your every word to the contrary concerning any of their delusional outbursts – especially if it concerned their own accountability. If you couldn’t effect change living in a close relationship with them, then don’t waste your time and effort ever trying AGAIN. They live in their own world and no matter how false or unreal it appears to you, for them it is reality because it has to be for them to survive among us. As soon as a Narcissist begins to perceive that you have a voice of your own and a right to existence, the trouble starts and then there is no return because there is no possibility of two way communication with them and the more you push your individualism forward the more resistance from the Narcissist. Their façade is impenetrable and has to be or they would self-destruct if people knew the truth. REMEMBER – a Narcissist has no boundaries when it comes to taking a victim down that has caught onto the Narcissist’s psychopathy. They will lie to DESTROY anybody’s integrity that dares disagree with them or make them accountable FOR ANYTHING.


 Lies and deceit are as natural to the Narcissist’s world as is breathing. A Narcissist has the amazing ability with their ‘shrewd deception’ to make ‘others’ believe their lies EVEN when they fly right in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Heck they are so smooth at their LIES that the Narcissist also believes THEIR own lies – but then again what depth do they have but a façade that is as flimsy as a tissue SO THEY HAVE TO BELIEVE THEIR OWN LIES. Mine could have been given an honorary PHD in lies, and lying! Take the position that everything they say to you is a lie and or based on a lie – or as my friend once told me “if they are breathing they are lying!”


It is extremely painful, to come to the conclusion that people who have meant a great deal in your personal (or professional) life can ACTUALLY destroy you and you have to disengage with them to literally save your life. It is EXTREMELY painful, but the alternative is only to continue the descent along the dark path of self-destruction because this is a desperate relationship. Stop it all and finally break the chain that keeps you tied to an abuser. Everything you have built with this person was done in vain, and if you keep believing or buying into the games/lies with the hope to catch a glimpse of what things were like when you lived in the illusion they fabricated for you, you will only be drawn back into the abuse over and over again. The key word is that it WAS an illusion and nothing more so there is NOTHING there to believe in. The promises like a life journey together or sharing the joys of REAL love, a future, intellectual fulfillment, dreams, goals, etc., were part of the abuse to only control you and keep you chained to the abuse.


 Unfortunately you have to learn and accept that the psychological and emotional investment you made in a Narcissist is/was valueless, and you have to write them off completely as a bad debt. If you continue any type of association with them, you will only lose your soul and hand it over to a deceitful, perverted and loathsome character that will use and drain the life right out of you. Just like the “un-dead” fictional characters that are looking to feed off of the life force of other human beings to BECOME alive again. Sorry I am not sure they were ever alive in any conventional method – it is just incomprehensible that they have the cognitive ability to plan and scheme as they do to trap us, debilitate their target, know it is wrong, lie about their actions to cover up their tracks, destroy our good name, extort everything they can, and run off as they do to another unsuspecting target. Sounds more like a well-planned out process to me.


 One day you will see the complete picture – and it will never make what they did better, but you will understand because you have finally been educated into what they are and what YOU aren’t. A Narcissist is a dead giveaway in the way they create their delusional turmoil after each and every departure from one of their con jobs or relationships as the Narcissist prefers to call them. While they are running away like the thieves they really are with their tails between their legs, they are really running away from the truth of who and what they are. We are the truth they are running from as they are throwing lies at us in an effort to smear our integrity and destroy us. They never can or will admit to what they have done, instead they will always slither into someone else’s life to find shelter, and take what they can emotionally and physically. No/minimal contact to gain clarity and start on your journey to recovery! Greg

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  1. Murray David Fraser

    This is incredibly true in my case. I was in a relationship with a covert narcissist (wife) for 35 years. She used me for supply which was usually money, image, etc. When I started putting down barriers and calling her on her own stuff she became more and more of a victim and resisted personal accountability of any kind to the bitter end. This article describes her bizarre behavior and the effect it had on me so accurately that I can only thank you. Three years after the separation I still have trouble believing the magnitude of the ongoing deceit and the damage it did to me. I could so easily slip back into it with even minimal contact. She ended it and I was willing to do anything to keep her at the time…. now I look at it and I see how pathetic I was. No wonder she had no respect for me. Now she tries to show respect and fake empathy in an attempt to pull me back in. She needs to restore her “perfect Christian woman” image and I can help with that but I don’t. It can be a complete “mind f___ ” . I have come to realize that I’m alone in understanding the tangled web I was in. No one else can really understand it, you have to live it. Others are fooled by the mask she wears. There is no point in trying to get her to take off the mask or to empathize or accept any personal accountability. That is just the way it is. It was a bad investment physiologically and emotionally and I just have to write it off and move on.

    Articles like this really help me to remember and stay grounded in reality. It is also important to remember that I was not a victim. I allowed her to abuse me and that was self-betrayal on my part. I have to own that as part of my own recovery.


  2. Interesting how those that have “been” there use the Same word descriptions. SLITHER stood out here. There r the days when u realize “for every action there is an opposite & Equal reaction”. As the narcacisst developed their “scripts” us survivors have developed ours to Oppose the words & actions. TRUTH will set Us Free!


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