How the Narcissist manages you down!


From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @


I am going to try to get into the head of the Narcissist in order for you to make sense of the distorted reality of what is REALLY going on in there. It is always dangerous and against our best interests to attempt to understand their darkness – so remember to heed my advice and never try to do it.


Narcissists ALWAYS tell lies and half-truths to avoid having to explain their actions. In turn they will accuse and blame others to divert attention away from themselves and the real truth.


A Narcissist will refuse to accept the perspective of any human being but they will irrationally defend their own distorted/delusional position and lies as well as force you into accepting them as reality and the end result is that you discard or dump YOUR normal and healthy reality. Narcissists always make people feel that they HAVE to please or basically serve them.


They shrewdly access and withhold information in areas affecting the lives of those they are abusing because it gives them the ability to control and manipulate future events. A Narcissist will slowly but surely erode their target/victim’s reality, self-esteem and spirit! Narcissists completely avoid and NEVER acknowledge the feelings of others, yet they will often bring up how their emotions (loosely using that word here) are being effected and how WE don’t respect or honor their needs. They are eternal victims and NOTHING you do is worthy of meeting their needs. “We JUST don’t love them enough,” OR SO THEY TELL US!


They will slight a target/victim or perhaps make them accept personal digs in a non-aggressive or joking manner, allowing the Narcissist to say they were just kidding while still being abusive and hurting the target/victim.


Narcissists will completely change the subject to divert attention back onto themselves. You could be talking to them about a serious matter and it will be dismissed in moments so the Narcissist has all the attention right back where they feel it belongs – ON THEM. If they want to raise it up a notch, they will aggressively BULLY you with shouting, dismiss you, and walk away. You never feel that anything about you is important enough for consideration by the Narcissist and you are right! Remember it is ALL about them.


Narcissists make others feel worthless in an attempt to lower their self-esteem and bring them down to the miserable level of the Narcissist. They always threaten or hint of some form of punishment that they will inflict if YOU don’t do exactly what they are asking, or accept what they are saying. THEN of course they will reinforce this with blame as if you did something that deserves their actions and disdain. They will even dismiss you completely and silence you to drive their point home. YOU CAN NEVER MEET ANY OF THEIR EXPECTATIONS!


They will be cold, quiet, and distant, then deny that anything is wrong, but it feels as if they ARE angry or perhaps we have done something wrong and you are left wondering. Unfortunately, you can’t access what it is so you will have no sense of what is going on to help you feel at ease with them. On the flip side there will be inappropriate emotional outbursts to also distract attention, confusing their targets/victims and shifting blame for something you AGAIN have no real sense of. You are ALWAYS left feeling like you are walking on those infamous eggshells with them or always confused and feeling conflicted as to a cohesive reality with them! Confusion through diversion equals CONTROL!


Narcissists ALWAYS try to control others to domineer and limit freedom of expression/speech or individuality. Again controlling the environment around them with confusion, chaos, bullying and negativity. They are ALWAYS instilling fear or retaliatory punishment for anyone that doesn’t comply with their EVERY wish. They will also deny you ANY recognition or success by placing unreasonable demands, unjustly singling you out or basically placing you in the category of a loser and not worthy of proper recognition. Their word is the FINAL word always! A target/victim could have accomplished something so worthy of recognition and the Narcissist will never respond with a supportive word or a congratulation, instead they will minimalize the entire accomplishment OR even find fault in it. They will put a handle on any positive situation to make you doubt your achievement of success. They continually manage people DOWN! You will always misplace or lose your reality with them


Narcissists always forget commitments and promises purposely because there was nothing real behind their words in the first place – just more of their manipulation to keep you believing. They will even deny that they promised to do something to try to make you believe you are imagining things. They will build you up to bring you down.


Narcissists will take advantage of any vulnerability using shame, guilt, and fear to make a target feel worthless by highlighting or embellishing the simple insecurities they may have. This could even be done in a manner where the Narcissist will make fun of the target/victim’s physical attributes in a cruel overt manner.


A Narcissist’s actions, promises or reality in every situation are totally out of alignment. They ALWAYS say one thing and do another. For example, they preach morality BUT they have no morals and act on their impulses regularly. They may PRETEND to follow a religious doctrine and praise themselves for religious values but actually possess NONE of these values whatsoever. In actuality they ARE the very sinners that they are denouncing, preaching about, and pointing fingers at. They will condemn YOU for the very things they are doing and always leaving you with your jaw dropping to the ground wondering what they are accusing you of and why they are doing it. The Narcissist I dealt with was/is infamous for this!


Narcissists are only nice when all other options have been removed or when they feel they are trapped into a corner or up against a wall. This is usually when the truth is so evident that they have no other option available to them. There is no remorse for what they have done, they are just trying to wriggle out of being exposed for whatever they have done AND what they are. They also want to keep you trapped in the abuse so they can keep extorting what they can or achieving supply with their insincere apology and patronizing gestures.


In time they will replace you once you have actually caught onto their lies and agenda, BUT of course you are to BLAME for their actions! You are the disordered one and you have abused THEM and they are “running for their lives” (a favorite and OVER used quote of my Narcissist.) That is really a distorted lie and excuse that they have moved onto a new source, but they are going to keep you locked up in confusion, lies, and abuse surrounding their departure for as long as they can. They will even actually PULL you back into the abuse making you think that there is a possibility of reconciliation. It is just a way for them to achieve more chaos to disable you as much as they can as well as implicate you as being obsessed when THEY are the ones that initiate contact to use against you. Keeping you vulnerable also keeps their abuse hidden from the world as well as keep control over you from a distance.


When they are having a conversation, be it one on one or even in a group setting, they will completely cut someone off as if they are not allowed to speak. Narcissists suppress self-expression and individuality to support their omnipotence and power over others by controlling everyone in their world. Basically they eliminate the choices of others, while gathering control for themselves to feel superior and omnipotent! It shores up their false identity and makes them feel so worthy when it is all based on lies and distortion, BUT THEY JUST DON’T SEE IT AS THIS! They are delusional and self-affirming to support their needy needs.


Narcissists will ask inappropriate questions or make insinuating comments to evoke emotional responses. They push everyone’s buttons. They will even go as far as humiliating people in public situations to show their superiority. They are psycho bullies. By pushing buttons and highlighting a person’s sensitivity they gain power and evoke fear in the target/victim of choice. They ACTIVATE a person’s insecurities to gain power and superiority over them.


Through their vast arsenal of tools to manipulate a Narcissist will pretend to understand a person’s concerns, but then they will blatantly break every boundary and step all over those concerns and basically violate them and you! If they CAN’T control a person they will slander the name, reputation, associations, or activities of this person. Narcissists RUIN people’s lives.


Narcissists will always attempt to belittle any version of reality that conflicts with theirs. They won’t believe they make mistakes and they have no ability to feel or process or truly understand shame.


ALWAYS remember that lies and deceit are a natural part of the Narcissist’s world. The old saying, “the best liars lie to themselves first” really applies to Narcissists as well as “the lie often repeated is far more convincing” and they repeat their lies many times over! A Narcissist has the amazing ability to believe their own lies even when they fly in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. You HAVE to take the position that everything they say to you is a lie and or based on a lie. A friend of mine always said to me “if they are breathing they are lying” and it is the truth!


LASTLY! Don’t allow yourself to ride on this emotional roller coaster through hell because it is never ending with a Narcissist even for a good while after they are gone! So then heed this warning and live by it – once you are discarded, leave, or are out of the relationship the Narcissist doesn’t need you anymore as supply so LET THEM GO. It is more than likely (pretty much a guarantee) you were emotionally and physically replaced long before the separation or discard AND they are out to destroy your integrity AND you to avoid exposure. Stay away from them because they are in their protection mode and have bombs waiting to explode in your life should you attempt to undermine them in any way.


Everything I outlined here is taken directly from my experience with the Narcissist I knew. Unfortunately, I was blinded by the manipulation, constant lies, and brainwashing, but NEVER again. I ‘believed’ and never saw the train wreck in front of me. Was I a damaged person? No not in the normal reality of the behavioral sciences as in having a mental illness or a personality disorder but I became the byproduct of the disabling abuse by being in the company of a highly dysfunctional and disordered person. I have insecurities, I have wounds, I may trust a little too much, I get angry, etc. – BUT, I am a good person that respects people. I give and love unconditionally and I know when enough is enough. I get hurt but I don’t destroy and punish people because of this, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and ALLOW them the opportunity to talk and work through things. THAT is having empathy, that is creating a viable relationship with give and take, that is being unconditional and trying to give the benefit of the doubt to a person you care about. What I just described is giving of yourself and this is what bonding with another person SHOULD be – unfortunately with a Narcissist it is all TAKE and no give! This is the IMPORTANT lesson we must take from the abuse – WE ARE THE NORMAL AND AMAZING PERSON HERE that was severely manipulated and that has disabled much of our core-being, psyche, heart, mind, and soul. No/minimal contact. Greg

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  1. Best article I have ever read! And I am truly sorry about your hurt, I know how destructive they can be.


  2. Reblogged this on creatingcashflowwithgenie and commented:
    Watch out for these types in personal relationships and business. They’re toxic, manipulative, and do actively try to drive you crazy. All, while telling the world that you have problems that never existed until you had dealings with them. They are masters of projection, and use “you made me”, and “if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have” statements. Beware clients and people who are close to you that refuse to be held accountable for their actions. They want you to trust their words and ignore their toxic actions.


  3. Vanessa Pennucci

    Narcicists can hold you ” emotionally hostage!” It’s very difficult to remove yourself from the relationship particularly if your personality is a people pleaser. Or you’ve had abandonment issues in the past . Marxists gravitate towards these personalities as easy targets ! The vulnerability , need to b accepted , loved etc will always set you up to be. To be controlled . I have learned that the first thing you can do ofcourse is . Stay away in the first place . When you start to feel that their are expectations placed upon you . This can b a very early learning sign . When you find yourself apologizing a lot , wanting to gain acceptance . RUN .. People who are excepting and loving will not cause these feelings. That’s not to say everyone is out there to get you but keep your eyes open , love yourself, stay in thr company of people that make you ” feel good!” Always remember that feelings are neither right nor wrong . They just are !!!


  4. Excellent post. 🌸🎵


  5. I have left four times already over the course of 25 years, and I am back again, this time for seven years. Once again, I feel like I am cracking up. I know I have some serious psychological problems that keep me dependent on him, I believe stemming from losing my mother at age 10 and having to rely on my narcissist father to survive. This seems to be all I know how to do. I don’t see any hope. Yes, I’ve been in therapy forever. Yes, I am 27 years sober. Yes, I have a good job and income. But I have been chiseled down to a matchstick. I am so psychologically broken that even staying gone for three years at a time, I always end up back here. No one seems to understand. Therapists have no experience with this. I can’t see a way out.


  6. All very true. Where I went through two months of grief, I now see everything. All the things he projected onto me were what he was all along. The phrases you use, such as smoke and mirrors, the end justifies the means, so on and so on, were used on me all the time. He would rage at me out of the blue. He would tell me he loved me one second and the next acted like I was a virus that needed to be washed away. I know who I am. And I’m not one of these people. No wonder he had to drink whiskey like a fish, there was so much for him to decipher in his brain as to what lie he was telling whom. He slipped a lot. I caught him from the get go but if course I was hooked and didn’t want to believe it. So several discards later I found my way out of the hell, blocked him and any of his friends I knew about. It’s been tough for awhile, but now everyday I feel better and better. I wish it were different. My love was real and always will be. Woe to the new victims. I won’t reach out, they need to find out for themselves. But if one ever reached out to me I will surely tell what I know.


  7. Excellent post. The best I have read thus far. There is nothing you can do for these people excerpt learn as much as you can about their disorder.


  8. Dear Greg, so glad you went no-contact from that pathetic joke of a human-being. Their evil is truely astounding. About a year ago, a certain scoffer then turned and said “I was only joking.” Fed up, i up and told narc, “i don’t like jokes.” Was prepared to defend my not-having-a-sense-of-humor, but i guess narc figured it was pointless to continue. This is why blogs like yours are such a blessing to the internet. Thank you for giving your readers the weapons to FIGHT this evil.


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