15 Examples of the Orlando Shooter’s Malignant Narcissism

Narcissists are a danger to society. For those who downplay the correlation between malignant narcissism and the propensity to cause damage to human life small and great, PLEASE educate yourself about this epidemic societal evil.

How many innocent lives must be destroyed before we begin to hold the haters of society  accountable for their hatred and intentional destruction of the human lives around them?

The victims of the Orlando Night Club shooting were having a night of fun in a safe haven. Gay nightclubs have notoriously provided Lesbian and Gay men and women, a sanctuary, a place of freedom; a safe space in our society where they didn’t have to fear hatred or judgment from others who hold contempt for those who are “different”.

Narcissists envy and hate those who live authentically.  They don’t possess the ability to introspect or deal with their demons internally so they externalize their angst, shame and hatred onto others.

Although there are many victims of malignant narcissists who haven’t faced the ultimate narcissistic punishment of annihilation  that those living authentically lesbian & gay in Orlando at Pulse did that night, we ALL have suffered the same bewildering hatred at the hands of a malignant narcissist, simply for being ourselves.

Our thoughts, prayers, empathy and continual fight of the good fight against malignant narcissism in this society will continue for all those who have been victimized by this toxic form of hatred.


15 Signs of the Orlando Shooter’s Malignant Narcissism:

  1. Plethora of Duck faced selfies
  2. Prior acts of domestic violence: control, isolation and physical beatings
  3. Racist, misogynistic, and bigoted statements that were investigated criminally
  4. Entire lack of empathy
  5. Need for power & control
  6. Aligning himself with potential sources of power (security & police job, Isis claims)
  7. Raised by perfectionistic parenting (religious / anti-gay sentiment)
  8. Latent homosexual tendencies and employment of defense mechanisms to cast off shame using projection and reaction formation
  9. Need for attention – Calling 911, calling news producer during rampage, claiming to be part of a larger group and “team” of snipers
  10.  Prior incidents of victimizing others – dominating, controlling, and holding others in a one down contemptuous position
  11.  Difficulties relating to others and perceived by others as “Socially awkward and strange” by those who encountered him
  12. Charming and funny at first, superficially polite to strangers he was not threatened by
  13.  A need for adulation and adoration that a wife and child couldn’t fully supply
  14. Harassed coworkers with hate speech
  15.  Seethed with Envy and hatred

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  1. I think he is closer to the sociopath-psychopath end of the spectrum. I would like to know more about this difference. Would you write about it? Narcissists (diagnosed by testing and functional MRI scans) generally enjoy hurting people verbally and emotionally. Sociopaths enjoy hurting people physically. Clearly shooters have crossed over into the sociopath-psychopath end of the spectrum.


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