Book Announcement! From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist!



I am pleased to announce the publication of my book ‘From Charm to Harm and Everything else in between with a Narcissist.’


The book is now available as a paperback for purchase from the publisher’s website – Amazon/CreateSpace. This is the link to purchase a paperback copy of the book:


It is also be available as a Kindle download in Amazon Kindle Direct publishing. This is the link to purchase the Kindle version:


Book Content and Description:


You try to understand how another human being could psychologically terrorize you in the manner that the Narcissist you were with did to you. You loved this person and they SAID they loved you back. They participated in the relationship and it seemed like ‘normal’ reciprocation as far as them loving you back. BUT today you are looking at this relationship and wondering HOW did this turn around in such a hideous manner that you feel so lost, so confused, so broken, and disabled. What did you do wrong, why did this person that you loved unconditionally now seems to hate you and blame you and WHAT IS THE REASON? They have probably moved on very quickly and are with someone new and they are saying that they are in love and it is amazing. They are also saying that they basically had to run from YOU because you were impossible to deal with, or perhaps you have mental health issues, OR you abused them. You feel frozen in time, very vulnerable, and in shock or better yet traumatized from this and you want to dig through all of the layers and understand this so you can move on, BUT YOU JUST CAN’T SEEM TO DO SO.


Family and friends are there to support you but more than likely it is to give you a small pat on the back and say time will heal your wounds, or you HAVE to move on, OR how could you stay in this relationship for as long as you have if it was this bad. When you try to tell your story it is so incredulous that most people seem to be in shock over the allegations that you are proposing about the relationship. In turn you only feel like you are the problem and you blame yourself even more and MAYBE you start to believe that you were the problem just like that Narcissist said.


You feel like your spirit is gone and your whole belief system has been thrown out the door about life. Where do you start, how do you turn off the many negative messages? How do you reclaim your spirt and join life again? Who do you go to for the help that you need and WHY is this taking so long to get over? Every day is a struggle and you want this to stop NOW and you want to move on.


You are probably still attached at the hip with the person (Narcissist) that you loved and even though you don’t want to admit it or say the words, you probably still love them. Then you ask yourself WHY and are you just that crazy to love this person that has so intentionally hurt you.


You have heard ‘things’ your Narcissist has said about you to the very people you love in your life and now they may be challenging you or questioning this from the Narcissist’s point of view. You are defending yourself when you shouldn’t have to. Again you are feeling you are the problem here and all of this has become insurmountable.


Well I totally believe you, I totally understand what you are going through and I am going to explain this abuse in a manner to educate you, as well as help you embrace this in a manner to achieve closure on your own. I am going to try to explain as much of this as I possibly can to help you get through this and achieve that “Ah Ha’ moment where you do ‘GET THIS’. I am going to do this in a manner that goes beyond the clinical definitions and put it out there in a raw manner with real definitions and explanations from the perspective of a person that has gone through this and returned back to a normal lifestyle. With each and every separate topic I am going to keep bringing you back to some of the same specific points I may have already covered in a manner that not only defines a specific situation but constantly reconnects it to the bigger picture! I will repeat and connect thoughts in each chapter because there is no real ‘rhyme or reason’ to this abuse, only the truth and facts that every target/victim of this abuse experiences the SAME thing. That is what I am trying to connect you to! Each chapter is its own separate story so you can read a chapter at a time, return and connect to a new definition that brings you back to a little more of the truth and understanding the total picture step by step.


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  1. Congratulations!


  2. Do you know how excited I am about this book? I ordered it this morning. I have been following the posts for almost a year now, and my counselor told me my ex (very recently this status) is a narcissist and I had a hard time believing it.
    I am thankful for these posts and I truly believe every answer comes to you right when you need it most. I was in denial about his personality. Always thinking maybe it was something else, some kind of stress, maybe I wasn’t good enough, loving enough or not suitable for anyone.
    Something happened, all of a sudden as I got stronger in my own spiritual life I began to see the truth. I could no longer ignore my gut feelings and had to listen to myself and absorb what my body was naturally defending me against.
    It is at that moment, months and months that I began reading your posts that they came to my email inbox everyday. I could no longer ignore what I knew all along. Thank you.

    Sometimes I am angry that such a person could get away with this and wish that their karma would come a thousand fold. But in the last days, I have remained calm and know that karma or not, at least I am not the narcissist living in this life of emptiness.


  3. He,s Laughing At You Grace from my heart . When I read this it brought me to reality .


  4. I cannot wait to read it! My book is similar in that it is a memoir of living with a female narcissistic sociopath. I think these books really help understand who or what we’re dealing with.


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