Spotting the Narcissist – Know the Signs or Suffer the Wrath

It’s not hard to see evidence of a person’s narcissism in their actions. Their deeds only go unnoticed because of a targets lack of knowledge about this personality disorder. To demystify the toxic hold these creatures have on others, KNOW THE SIGNS.

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  1. “Thank you” doesn’t say enough after listening to you.
    For YEARS I have been searching for words to describe my sister.
    I finally “divorced” her from my life 1 1/2 years ago and have finally felt what inner peace is like.
    I knew that my parents had raised her differently from me and my other sister and your tutorial has put everything in perspective. How can I ever thank you !
    My greater challenge has been her desire to pull at the heart strings of my adult children and my grandchildren.
    After I wrote a “she or me” ultimatum to my children, they have taken the initiative to write her and tell her that they will not sacrifice their relationship with me and that she refrain from contacting them in the future.
    I will forward this exceptional tutorial to my daughter and son in the hope that they will have a better understanding of my life with my NPD sister and the reason for what may seem like an extreme measure in a relationship.
    With gratitude,
    Elaine……. 67yo and happy to be free


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    Live and Learn. Love and Burn.


  3. Thank you!


  4. Very good to see an Aussie on the case! 🙂


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