Emotional Stability Inventory


Let’s make a self evaluation of our emotional stability by answering the following questions. If you can, write them down.

What do I really want out of life?

What do I really expect out of life?

What are the positive attitudes I have about life?

What are the negative attitudes I have about life?

What have I accomplished in my life?

What do I really want out of life?

What are my present capabilities?

What is my improvement potential?

How do I see myself as a person?

How do others see me?

How important is how others see me?



Mistakes you’ve made in the past

Breakdowns in relationships

Professional or occupational errors

Failing to meet your own expectations

Expectations you have of yourself that are unrealistic



What is your present financial situation?

Projected financial situation – 1 to 5 years?

Present and future earning capacity?



Long term goals – 10 years

Short term goals

How much help do you need?

Do you think of yourself as a survivor or a martyr?

How much are you giving to your own life?

How much are you willing to give?




  • Make a committment to find your true self. Never let anything or anyone stand in the way of that committment.

  • Take responsibility for your life. Blame no one. You are the creator of your experience. Your thoughts will manifest themselves in your life in some form. If you dont like the direction your life is taking, change your thinking. Replace negative thinking with positive thoughts.

  • Give up reasons or excuses. They don’t relieve guilt and self-pity is a waste of our time. Forgive yourself and others continuously.

  • Comparisons have little value. Make no judgments. It is not right or wrong; it just is. Be understanding. Trust that all is that it should be. Remember everyone is coming from the best place they know; including YOU.

  • Live in the present.

  • Spend time alone. Strive for balance and clarity. Appreciate every day you have

  • DO SOMETHING. There is peace and freedom in action.


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  1. Alone time is both healing and scary.Confronting what happened is a MUST.


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