The Narcissistic Man-Woman Baby


Image  All Malignant Narcissists are a case of arrested development. They live in the mindset of a child.

Like a child, they know the difference between right and wrong but choose to do wrong when they can get away with it. However, unlike a child, the narcissist cannot be influenced by authority figures. The narcissist believes they are the ultimate authority on everything. They are determined to remain children who always get their way. And like all spoiled brats who control everyone by temper tantrums and bad behavior they only get worse with the more they get away with.

Narcissists feel entitled. Like bratty children, they expect favorable treatment and excessive amounts of attention and adoration despite their unsavory behavior. They feel special and exempt from living as others do. They have no desire to grow-up. 

They feel entitled to remain a spoiled, foul natured, controlling child.

Narcissists are delusional. They refuse to confront reality. Like a child, they use illusions and distortions to maintain their fantasy about themselves and the world around them. And everyone is expected to play along. If you refuse to play your role in the narcissist’s fantasy production then the narcissist child screams, cries, and stomps their feet declaring that something is wrong with you.

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