Targets Have Integrity

Nearly every post highlights the stark differences between targets and narcissists.

We’ve always possessed integrity.

The narcissist’s always chased after personal gain.

Our good character drew a narcissist to us, because they wanted what we HAVE. They preyed upon our goodness out of envy and possession.

Once possessed by them, we were controlled and separated from all the qualities that make us good. The narcissist as an identity thief, tried to strip us of our goodness, to have it for their own. They set out to strip us of our previous identity and project their lack of integrity onto us. Shaming and blaming us for the things in themselves they can’t come to terms with.

In the end we were tossed aside as invaluable and unworthy in the narcissist’s skewed beliefs.

It is that place of discard, our “bottom”, that we begin to rebuild a solid foundation once again as all good people do. They may have soul raped us, identity thieved us and used us for all the good they could suck from us, but a succubus will always remain just that, and a HOST, goes on, to be who we’ve always been:

A person with integrity.3feeaee0ca4ab88a998b39688f963711

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  1. I am hoping we can have an private group emotional support forum. The isolation or loneliness resulting from the narc destroying our support systems, can become unbearable sometimes. I find myself fighting fire with fire because of the aftermath of a 2 yr divorce process. I am happy its over but it is a no-contact situation that cant exist due to the children. It is like trading one form of torture for another. In the meantime he has assumed my identity and character to the social circles and even the court but at this stage I dont care if I look like the bad guy because there isnt much else left to lose.


  2. Don’t they have trained officers with this knowledge?!?


  3. “Telling people about it…”

    …I can only speak of facts (integrity). I started to believe last friend would rather have nothing to do with me. This is quite understandable.


  4. I am well aware of this. They can even go so far as to create such a site… how can I know for sure you are not him.

    This person scares away anyone I get close to…

    This is very isolating. My friends wont get anywhere close to me. I thought someone was genuinely trying to help me in 2011. I had doubts… but it still felt betrade.

    I’ m questionming my friends motivations. Could they also be NARCs ?!?

    If they aren’t really Narcs and their motivation was to help me…
    …what do they want me to do about it ?!?


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