Narcissists live in a 3-D world –DEBASE, DEVALUE and DESTROY!

When you are finally separated from the narcissist, and living in the reality of a free world – one without punishment, manipulation, control, betrayal, etc., you all of a sudden have a clear vision of the abuse as well as how disordered the narcissist is. What kind of human being would intentionally seek out other human beings to debase, devalue and destroy? These stealth creatures trap us in the same manner a person hunting would set a trap to catch prey for food. Essentially that is what they do – trap us to feed off of us.

We are the unsuspecting prey that walks into their trap, an unassuming being because “traps” are not something we have or had experience with as in avoiding them to save our very lives. The narcissist has an arsenal of tools to be successful at catching their prey.

First they lure us over to the trap with a charm and personality that rivals a saint, but has all the aspects of a bad salesman at heart. They love bomb us to make us feel secure and who doesn’t respond to the cozy feeling that love offers. But how smart is that narcissist to know how to offer love when they don’t have the slightest inclination what it is and in fact loathe love and happiness.

They know once they gain our trust that they can open a doorway to our minds (as well as our hearts). From there they start rearranging our psyche, control us, manipulating us to DEBASE us and redefine our thoughts so as to make us a servant to their every need.

They continue on their path to reduce us by putting us down and making us feel worthless by DEVALUING every aspect of our spirit that they can, making us numb to our environment and only able to respond to their needs. They are essentially eating us alive to use every bit of our spirit to make them feel better, superior, OK, alive and powerful.

Control is their everyday tool to drain us of everything we have and they don’t stop until they DESTROY our spirit and self esteem. Its not merely taking what they need for their hideous empty life they live, they have to really put us down so that we are a small piece of what we once were and vulnerable.

They make up rules and regulations and then in their delusional way break all of those rules and accuse us of being the “rule breaker”. They become bored with their own crazy making and chaos and now need new blood, so before they abandon us completely they have set other traps to lure and catch new supply.

Then the big day comes when they finally FREE us – and yes that is what it is to us FREEDOM. They aren’t done because now that we are completely vulnerable they have to cover their tracks because they are really poachers breaking all the laws of goodness and human nature.

Their last trick and gift to us is to smear our good name to anyone and everyone that will listen to their lies, they have to cover the trail of abuse and make it look like we are the sick person and abuser – so they project all of their abuse onto us and tell the world – then they walk away without a care and gloat over all the bounty they took from us – as well as claim themselves the victor to have achieved what they have.

They smirk and call us fools, lesser people that are not superior as they are! Their world is a 3-D world — DEBASE, DEVALUE, and DESTROY!

Truth be told they are unintelligent and lazy creatures that believe that what they do is acceptable and that nobody sees what they are — well the narcissist is like the lone wolf – their world is small and only includes one other person and that is their supply, people steer clear from them because they are so hideous to anybody that knows them. Their family even avoids them because of their off balance neediness, lies and explosive temper. They are “wannabe” humans, envious and pitiful creatures that live in a woe-be-me world full of hate. They blame and shame us for their extreme emptiness and dark soul because they are too lazy to make their life worthwhile so they extort our lives, but it is only a fix and they have to always seek out more and newer!


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  1. Donald Trump


  2. Amazing, I have a sister who is a npd who consumed me as long as I played the game she was good with me. I stopped playing and now, thank goodness,she wants nothing to do with me. However; my family is not aware of this psychological personality disorder, they feel it’s my relationship with her. I have a history of healthy relationships, she has not. They feel I’m overly sensitive. I helped her for 15 years, I was crying upset one day, suicidal- she never contacted me, instead she contacted my friend that embarrassed me tremendously! I needed her as I had been there for her unconditionally. Now she won’t speak to me, thank God! But it was soo very difficult to realize her indifference for me, after many years of her leaning on me, no emotion!!! Not one!

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