Narcissistic Relationships – Don’t Waste Your Time

Healthy relationships LEAVE YOU with something – some kind of good memories that in the end, you’re thankful for having experienced, even if it didn’t turn out to be a permanent relationship.









Looking back on the narcissistic relationship ONLY elicits regret over wasted time, wasted feelings, wasted moments we can never recapture. (sans, having our children)

Memories are fraught with the abuse. How tormenting it was. How difficult, exhausting, blaming and shaming the narcissist was. The many times we had to deal with the narcissists emotional problems, drama, void empathy, and neglect.

Coming into the after shock of realizing it was all a huge manipulation by a predator with a chronic pattern of sucking people dry, does not sit well with us, when we’re assessing our damage.

We think, WHAT WAS THIS FOR? All that emotion, energy, sacrifice, all the giving we did, has to be mourned because it was never shared reciprocally.

The grief associated with this costly and unnecessary loss, is HUGE. We have nothing to replace it with, except our regrets.

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  1. The Tibetans have a relevant saying: “Throwing uncooked rice against a wall, nothing sticks.” with one of these people you’re just throwing your uncooked rice against a wall, a total waste. Or another one they have, “You must have a hook and the other person must have a ring.” without the hook or the ring it won’t work. You have the hook but the narcissist doesn’t have a ring and never will. get them out of your life and move on. (easier said that done, isn’t it? ha-ha). (try like hell to keep your sense of humor, it’s the great softener).


  2. Most people really don’t get this (I’ve been told “at least you have some good memories” and “at least you had some good times”. The only “good” memories are of the idolization, but once you’ve been discarded you realize that even that was completely fake. In fact, that’s the worst part of it, knowing you were manipulated from the beginning, that the person you loved never was capable of loving you. I got nothing good out of a 20 year marriage; I have zero good memories from it. I’m just glad it’s over and that he finally discarded me before I managed to drink myself to death.

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