The Four Most Common Masks Worn by The Narcissist

The Show-Off

When presented with the “show-off”, recognize that 1showoffyou are in the company of someone who HUNGERS for the adoration and envy of others. You’ll see these people on social media, frequently posting photos of themselves, in provocative and titillating poses (female) and in various scenerios showing how “magnificent” and “aesthetically pleasing” their lives are. Add to that, the retweets and shares of the flattering “Oohs and Aahs” and you have someone who’s quite literally STARVING.

Even someone who feigns the ole self depracating comments and gestures are showing-off how “selfless” they are. Bologna.  Self-efficacy and quiet charm can be just as narcissistic as braggadocia. Remember the “motive”:  ADORATION. They don’t care if they get it from playing the loud guy/gal or being the very well admired “quite guy” or “shy girl”.

These people have learned that if they can impress you with some talent, skill, or sexuality,  they can temporarily nourish their hunger and extinguish their shame.

The Bully


     When encountering “The Bully” recognize that you are now in the company of someone who has a RIGID mistrust of people and their motives. This person is deathly afraid of the following:
Being controlled, being made a fool of, and being taken advantage of.  It’s interesting to note that the very things they fear happening to themselves, is PRECISELY what they do to others – with absolutely no remorse. Clearly illustrating their lack of empathy. (The reverse Golden Rule. Do unto others as you’re afraid of having them do to you)

The bully deeply fears that no one could truly care about them given their deep inadequacies, history of offenses, and inner core of shame.  Bullies protect themselves by being critical and controlling of others; keeping them at a safe emotional distance.

In order to ensure that they attain their desired “worshipped” status, that coveted role of superior and ultimate “authority”, the bully must be sure that YOU feel weak, powerless and stupid.

The Entitled

     When dealing with someone who feels they can make their own set of rules and that they should be able to have whatever they want, whenever they want it. They feel superior as if they deserve a special set of rules and treatment. They easily become indignant and petulent when someone suggests that they don’t quite agree with the narcissist’s superiority complex.


The concept of give & take reciprocity is entirely lost on a narcissist. Because they believe that you owe them to be sub-servient to their needs, wants and whims – they view your attempt to get reciprocal action as an affront, insult and control move. How DARE you take something the narcissist deserves away from them! They have serious trouble being on the receiving end of the word NO and are very acidic and downright abusive with their response and furthermore feel NO REMORSE for their inability to empathize with others.

The Addictive Self-Soother

When dealing with this brand of narcissist, what you can expect to see is someone who is in a state of unknowing avoidance.  The intolerable discomfort associated with the narcissist’s unrecognized loneliness, shame and utter disconnection when the spotlight is not casting a gorgeous glow over them sends them to the basement of despair time and time again.  For how does a narcissist EXIST without any group of fans, telling them how wonderful they are and how much they matter.
cakeThey may engross themselves in workaholism, excessive weight fixation, rigid routines that somehow give them a feeling that they matter in a significant and obsessed fashion; alcohol, drugs, sex, eating, spending, or even internet, gaming, or tv marathoning.  They do this to escape that soul gnawing sensation of throbbing emptiness.  Whatever it is they escape into, you can be sure that YOU will NOT be welcome there. Instead, this escape artist expects you to be there just as you always have, waiting to receive a scrap of attention. You are expected to pander to their emotional disappearing acts and not request their presence nor complain – regardless of the emotional costs to you.

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  1. So love this! It’s the most perfect description of the narcissist’s weaknesses. I’m currently working on getting rid of a narc. He physically assaulted me, spent 20 days in jail and is now blowing up social media outlets with his insanity. He has only lived in my state for less than a year. It was our long distance relationship that brought him here. He is perfectly capable of going back where he came from. The judge even suggested that during his hearing. He has no intention of ever leaving here. I’ve never dealt with this personality type before and it is the hardest thing to figure out the best and easiest way finger rid of him. He is a narc who encompasses EVERY single thing you list here. I feel embarrassed for him. If he had any clue as to what a pig he looks like when he is drunk and belligerent and trying to eat food. He will gorge in beer and Hostess cupcakes until he passes out. It’s disgusting. And while he would do that, he’d verbally assault me for no reason what so ever. Just because… It was very interesting to watch. He felt that alcohol made him smarter and stronger. All it actually did was expose his insecurities and weaknesses. Not that I’m glad to have been physically assaulted, but it is the only thing that has put any amount of distance between us. It forced him out of my immediate space and all of the places I work and shop and visit. It’s pure insanity. I hope that what I’m learning helps me to avoid falling for another person like this. In all of the stress I’v even experiencing in the past month, it’s refreshing to see some well done mockery of this issue and some well needed humor! It’s good to laugh again 🙂


  2. My stepdaughter is a narcissist. She is very entitled and uses fake Christianity to fool people. Disgusting.


  3. Reblogged this on A.A.R.M.E.D. with Facts and commented:
    This explains the allure of AA and 12 Step fellowship to a narcissist… the applause and the spotlight. This also explains the sense of entitlement they have by believing theirs is the right way, and how dare you say AA doesn’t work. Yet, the same rules they expect you to follow don’t apply to them. You must be selfless and giving, and never say no to anything asked of you in AA; Meanwhile, the narcissistic AA member can talk this talk but can’t walk the walk. They only say they are humble because it the “right” answer, not because they are humble.

    A great read on the masks narcissists wear. Enjoyed this blog very, very much. Happy to share it with all of you.


    • How tru this is. I have argued the AA arrangement for years, ever since my son was in drug re-hab and my husband and I went to one of those ‘robot’ meetings. It was plain to see on the faces of the group leaders that they did not like me after I told them they needed to quit programming my son by making him repeat over and over ‘I am an addict’ and instead focus on addressing his choice of friends. They really fell off the grid when the group and leaders took a break and most of them were ‘out for a smoke’ and when they re-grouped I asked them how they thought they were qualified to help my son with addictions when they were all addicted to nicotine, which, for a young person appears to be the first step toward addiction. No one will ever convince me that ‘labeling’ a person and having them memorize steps is going to cure addiction. Fine, help them understand that they have problem, one that needs help, but discuss matters of the heart and a person will ‘come around’ if he really wants help.

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    • So true!!


  4. I just discovered I have been married to. A narcissist bully for 13yrs. He strayed came home and the true colors are out


  5. All of the above!!


  6. So…okay – I’m a narcissist. Now what?


  7. In my 20 years of marriage to a narcissist, I have been up close and personal with all of these masks! This post rings so true to my experiences with my Someday To Be X husband!


  8. Fellow Survivor

    Great Post. Right on on so many levels its just uncanny.


  9. i dunnohoney-70

    s c r a a t c h that. what do u do if you are somehow all 4?


  10. I seem attracted to or by these types of men , which is something I’m looking within to figure out why. My last partner ticks all the narcissistic boxes . I am a recovering addict and he’s still in treatment , so now that he’s physically clean I can see what he’s really like .

    I still love this person and am having great difficulty in not communicating . My last encounter with him led me to a horrific relapse and I know logically how dangerous it is but he’s like another drug to me ; mind-altering, euphoric and ultimately painful and heartbreaking. His sweetness and physical beauty are tools of his manipulation . The problem is , my own behavior when I’m talking to him can become dishonest , defensive and manipulative right back as a reaction and I don’t even recognize or like myself very much afterward . The pull of him is really strong , when he claims he loves me and in the next sentence wants to push me aside . But I feel for him , recovery and rehab is a difficult journey.


  11. the Narc i knew, was a combonation of the 1st and 3rd and when he didnt get what he felt he was entitled to, he became the bully.


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