A Narcissist Has a Reprobate Mind

Reprobate means one who fails the test and is rejected, one whom God has rejected.
He rejects for being impure, not meeting his standards. ( Jerm.6:30) “Rejected Silver”


1. NOT HAVING CHRIST (Read 2 Cor 13:3-5)
a. Not believing the existing proof, such as the bible
b. Not listening to those whom evangelize to you
c. Not being strong in your weakness
d. Not examining yourselves “spiritual check ups”
e. There should be a awareness of Christ’s presence and power in our lives
f. If were not actively seeking to get closer to God then were actively getting further

2. REJECTING THE FAITH ( Read 2 Tim 3:Cool
a. Counterfeit religion* similar but not biblical
b. “Depraved” minds* to be corrupt, immoral , non religious intentionally
c. Distinct difference* Good vs. Evil

3. SPIRITUAL AWARENESS ( Read Heb. 6:7-Cool
a. Paul used a parable to express spirituality
b. Unproductive Christian lives-spiritual bareness
c. Life that bears no fruit
d. Make sure your life is fruitful

4. LACK OF DISCIPLINE ( Read 1 Cor 9:24-27)
a. No spiritual training-exercising faith
b. No discipline
c. Paul stayed free of philosophies or materialism so he could stay focused on his
Christian service and spirituality
d. Freedom and discipline work together
e. Prayer, bible study, worship strengthen us
f. Must have spiritual progress

5. REJECTION BY GOD (Read Jer. 6:30)
a. God can reject whom he chooses whenever and however he deems, hes God!
b. Grace can run out
c. When tested are you found to be pure?
d. Reprobates aren’t willing to rid impurities from their lives, and are not willing
to do whatever it takes to please God


A. Sinful Desires and Actions- Read Romans 1:21-32
a. They knew God but they rejected him
b. God abandoned them to their desires
c. As a result of their sins they suffered
d. Sinful desires and actions can lead to a reprobate mind

B. Delusions- Read 2 Thess. 2:11-12
a. When you choose to believe lies God will allow you to be deceived
b. When you refuse to accept the truth and refuse to love, God has no choice but to
allow what you deserve
c. God allows you to sin even more to hasten your judgment
( Ex.11:10) GOD IS IN CONTROL!

C. Spiritual Blindness- Read Matt 13:13-15
a, When people rejected Christ their hearts where hardened so any understanding they
did have is now useless
b. Hardness of the heart was prophesied in the beginning
c. Rejection of Jesus leads to a reprobate mind

D. Our Actions- Read 2 Peter 2:9-22
a. vs. 9 KEEPING WICKED UNDER PUNISHMENT, until final judgment ( reprobates)
b. Especially hard on those whom:
1. Sexually immoral
2. Despise authority without fear
c. Pride and arrogance, no respect for angels
d. False teachings, unthinking animals
e. Scoffers of things not understood
f. Love to indulge in evil in the daylight
g. Delight in deception, even as they fellowship
h. Commit adultery with their eyes, desire for sin- never satisfied
I. Lure unstable people to sin, well trained in greed
J. Love to earn money in doing wrong
k. Braggers and Boasters
l. Use sex to lure to sin
m. Slave to whatever controls them

NOTE: These actions lead to destruction, and are all characteristics of a reprobate mind.
( Or a false christian)

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  1. Great website, great post. I tried in desperation to lead my wife to Christ, but she fought me all the way, all while projecting a fake Christian image in public, at church, or on Facebook. She hated me praying for her, didn’t want to go deeper in faith, study Scripture, etc. Her need for control and attention were all that mattered, and she surrounded herself only with people who told her what she wanted to hear, including a weak pastor (I left the church over this) and a therapist.

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  2. can they change?


  3. Gain knowledge how to handle narcissist spouse…


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