Malicious Prosecution- Narcissists & Their Enablers

Filing lawsuits, injunctions and restraining orders against the victim of a narcissist for whatever perverse satisfaction they get out of the lies,  is malicious and predatory behavior, it  is extreme, outrageous conduct beyond the bounds a decent society can tolerate specifically intending to cause harm to the target. The intolerable behavior is psychological warfare which is specifically designed to maintain contact beyond a restraining order and batter the victim legally. It is extremely frustrating for a victim to be told to hire a lawyer and sue the batterer for intentional inflection of emotional distress. She doesn’t need protection 7 or 9 years down the line when a civil court gets around to looking at the batterer’s behavior, nor does she have the money to hire an attorney, nor will money damages make her whole. She just wants the batterer to go away and leave her alone.

Another disturbing aspect of this legal abuse is the narcissists outward success in luring professionals, attorneys, and even judicial officers into their elaborate schemes. Lawyers, who normally pride themselves on careful analysis of the facts, often fall victim to the batterer’s plea for help. The narcissist will go through several lawyers before settling on one naive or callous enough to assist him in his vendetta to punish his ex-partner for leaving him.

By the time the abuser is on his second or third bogus legal filing, he will have usually manufactured a substantial pile of “evidence” against his victim in the form of affidavits signed by advocates, false complaints filed with state administrative agencies, and innocuous photographs or other documentation which the abuser “claims” has a sinister connotation. Although there are gender-biased attorneys who willingly assist or even actively recruit business from narcissistic people with vindictive schemes, the majority of attorneys who file an unwarranted custody action or help the batterer file a frivolous civil suit against their victims are duped by the same tactics that entice members of the public to assist.

The lawyer, therapist, judge, guardian-ad-litem, expert witness or lay person who has been enticed into the odious machinations of the narcissists grand plan should feel shame upon realizing they have been used as a pawn in the abuser’s elaborate game to control his victim.

Rule 11-type Sanctions for Abuse of Process. The courts already have the power to punish those who misuse legal process. The power lies not in the hands of the frightened victims too emotionally and financially bankrupt to engage in lengthy civil litigation with a batterer which might escalate into more violence, but in the hands of the judges, prosecutors, and court personnel to sanction batterers for abusing legal process. Like good football coaches, judges need to accept the responsibility of refereeing the use of their own playing field. Massachusetts has it’s Anti-SLAPP (anti strategic litigation) statute which, upon motion by the defendant or the initiative of the trial judge, will dismiss non-meritorious pleadings and fine the abuser.

Besides the visible, physical impact of wounds created by battering tactics employed by a narcissistic abuser, there are serious psychological repercussions as well. Reactions of shock, denial, withdrawl, confusion, psychological numbing, and fear are common. The long term effects of abuse include fear, anxiety, fatigue, sleeping and eating disturbances, intense startle reactions, and physical complaints. (Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association, Violence Against Women: Relevance for Medical Practitioners, 267 JAMA 3184, 3184 (1992)). Perceptions of vulnerability, loss, betrayal and hopelessness are more severe for intimate violence victims than for victims of stranger assaults because of their relationship with the abuser. Victims of intimate violence and stalking can exhibit symptoms consistent with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.


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  1. I’m recently divorced from my narcissistic ex husband of 12 years. Didn’t know he was one until he completely flipped the switch on me the last year or so. I didn’t know I was being psychologically tortured…a smear campaign has ruined countless relationships and he had a narcissistic attorney who was also going through a divorce and his lawyer was clearly just taking his women problems out on me too…he pushed and pushed my ex to ask for things he didn’t even want and I hired an attorney who got caught up and I ended up with her partner who was just as bad and greedy. he didn’t file any of my paperwork purposely then withdrew from my case 4 days before trial. I didn’t show up knowing I had no case and no foundation to even say anything…I lost EVERYTHING…the house, the furniture…even furniture that I owned before the marriage and much more…the ex is leaving my 2 children and I homeless and couldn’t care less even though he already has another place. he tortures me intentionally and plays victim all over town with a smear campaign that is far out of control. he’s been using the courts to control me and I need to get this default judgement overturned but am broke and don’t know what to do. he lets us stay at the house so he still has his control and comes and goes taking things from the house. he lied about everything and has everyone thinking I’m mentally unstable. I have depression and anxiety and obvious anger and trust issues….and for a good reason. I can’t let this continue but I don’t know how to do this alone without an attorney. he lied about everything and prior to the divorce he petitioned me to the psych ward just to seek revenge. I ended up having major adverse reactions to the meds they gave me, had a seizure where I split my lip open and was in and out of the hospital for many months with true psychosis…I was hallucinating and it was intense and he knew I had a history of having bad reactions to psych meds…while I was in and out of the hospital..he never came to see me, but was “updating” everyone I knew saying I was overdosing on narcotics intentionally and I lost every one. he lies about everything and reflects every bad thing he does (he’s a serial criminal) onto me and Im accused and the courts take his word for it…the cops won’t protect me cuz they think I’m still crazy and I’m off the crazy meds but I don’t know what to do. I’m overwhelmed with things I’ve collected to prove his guilty, but I don’t even know where to begin to handle this. Narcissists aren’t typically made out to be as bad as they really are here in Michigan and it seems like the courts and attorneys are just as bad…everyone lies and I simply can’t compete with evil, manipulative, vindictive liars. it’s tragic but I have to do something…my 4 and 6 year old girls are going through severe emotional problems and I’m overwhelmed and he won’t stop until he’s in jail or dead. I want to see him pay for his crimes….


  2. There is no hope for me.I’m even thinking about ending it all I can’t go through life like this anymore


    • U can’t think like that. U have to tell yourself that the person that is damaging you is damaged themself and that they need help. Try everything to get away from any one that is causing you to doubt yourself. Life is worth what you want it to be. You have a choice, you do not need to listen to anyones belittling remarks, or mentally attack. Who are they to make suck a diagnose anyhow. Ever if they are a psychiatrist they know that words do have effects and if a person in the field knows there’s laws they need to abide & can lose there license from malpractice if they are the ones doing the damage. So just remember it’s okay to be you and you don’t need to prove that to a single damn person. Your worth living and you have value.
      I have a narssistic mother , its not my false she is. It doesn’t make a difference on what problems she has created and most narssistic people won’t ever admit they have a problem let along be the source of anybodies problem. Just get away or avoid them as much as you can. One day you will be able to distant yourself far enough that you will be out of there reach. Good luck. Stay strong, your worth it, & it’s okay to be happy & this is your life no one can take who you are from you


  3. Im going through all the above..I need help. Feeling 10 year old son tells me not to give up, to get him home. They drained me mentally, physically and financially, using my son as a tool, the one thing they knew would ripp me to shreads and they did it. They took him from me and im paying still after 3 years for my ex spouses wrong, stalking me, harrassing and threating, and since they ran a smear to destroy my reputation with made up stories, friends and their family in with the legal system. I have to be with out my baby, i dont even get phone calls now, i dont know if hes ok and last time i heard from him hes not ok. Im torn empty and dont know what to do. They say leave it in gods hands. Im trying but how can a mother just sit silent in fear and do nothing when her son is crying out to her ? , I tried DHS and police reports but they call retaliation against me. Calling all angles…please hear me. Please hear my son…


    • Im so sorry. We are going through a simmilar situation. i would like to discuss and compare notes in an attempt to find a remedy to these problems. contact me please @.., hope to hear from u soon


  4. Whats sad is ive been on the recieving end og this and knowing i was the o.e being stalked and not pnly physicly abused but mentally and emotionally. So dont believe that the abuser is always the male in the relationship.



    stalkedck out of my career, My Children my home 5 cars 50 computers have been trashed by these unfeeling monsters. No plea. nothing stops till I have moved 15 * and left the state yet when I and I pick up my phone does stalker is there watching me make any calls deleting commenting obstructing this is torture has gone on far too long I had no idea that there were so many other people under this sort of demented pressure so I want to place a face to the mean spirited nastiness I was engaged to Bob Dylan I left because he was not treating me well, he had a hearth attack which made me feel very guilty, evex though I had acted properly for the situation, later my sister of notorious in Mn and prostitute manipulated me into thinking that she could get us back together I still for the nicest 6 malignant manipulationagain and relentlessly at making the GOOD, kind, sensitive child the BAD one. Your true decent nature threatens them and they want to destroy it. Should they fail at corrupting your morality and ethics they then work damn hard to destroy your image. This keeps everyone heels is broken heart

    still being stalked disrupted pillaged, it seems my only defence is to go public…we do not speak yet i am a writer who is not allow ed to write my income gone the constant interference disabling what can i do to escape every computer networked my pyychophrenic grandson in league with these demons in a nonlucid moment mumbled a confession “not rite to network my own grand ma;”but all are in the grip of my ynger nm sister who rules bob with fear of violence this is ahuge tragedy. For some sick reason none of them can leave me be,im Never alone..GPS is not my friend.. how to get back the last 25 years? The scape goat must turn andBite back! Enough ! Let the world know the face that supports and enables .torture worse than waterboardi ng….they will not let meGo! I went to my cellphone company for support and found that the hacker/stalkers have changed my password so i am truly disabledg i feel for the sick and donot want to sink to their level of depravity and hate but it is very hard not to hate them all anr pray for their deaths which seemed my only hope for deliverance. until i found these blogs. So now i can ask….what can i do?i want my life back!!



    As a 50 year survivor of the nest of mn ,mother,
    siblings and even a granddaughte
    I realize that this cry deserves a face obob dylan
    I’m trying to write this on my cellphone
    but the stalker is so I did not write awesome I wrote awfulawesome I asked that they won’t let me even complete a sentence


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