An open letter to my stalker

Jun 2, 2012

By Grace Yip

You’ve been trying to get my attention for some time now. I have ignored your repeated messages and attempts to get my attention because I do not want to engage in any direct contact with you whatsoever. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO ENGAGE IN ANY DIRECT CONTACT WITH YOU WHATSOEVER. This private, passive technique of ignoring the shit out of you for TWO FUCKING YEARS (!!) has not been successful, so let me make it very publicly clear because I know you obsessively check this blog:


You’re the type of person who would drive around my block over and over again to see if my lights are on, the type who would show up at the places I hang out to attempt to “bump” into me, the kind who would find out what I was doing though feeds of mutual friends on Facebook and then post comments in attempt to get my attention. You do not need to know where I am or what I am doing. It has been TWO YEARS since I’ve acknowledged your existence yet you are still trying to get a hold of me. TWO FUCKING YEARS. It is now pathological.

My friends thought if I told you why I cut you off, it would put you into a spiraling depression or exacerbate the behavior that you were already exhibiting. So, I didn’t. On my end, I want to apologize for not spelling it out or making it crystal clear. I never had any interest in you. Zero. ZERO. We never dated because I HAD ZERO INTEREST IN YOU. Friends? Yes. Possible U-Haul? HELL-TO-THE-FUCKING-NO because I had zero interest. If a zero could be negative, it would be negative zero to the power of infinity. I befriend a lot of people; I like a lot of people that I meet. I’m sorry my kindness towards you was construed in your head as something more.

How do you tell someone that she is creepy? Like, “old man at the park staring at the children” creepy? (I’d caught you staring plenty of times). That I felt like I was in an indie version of Single White Female? It pisses me off that you’ve taken on parts of MY identity and have made them your own.

So, do me a favor. You always want to do me a favor, so here it is: STOP STALKING ME:

– do not contact me.
– do not respond to this post to try and defend yourself; no point.
– do not attempt to talk to me if you see me in public.

This blog is public, as is my twitter account… I can’t stop you from reading them. But, I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror. Why are you here? Reading this, now? Reading my twitter? Searching for any little bit me that you can find on the internet? Can you stop reading this blog? Can you stop checking my twitter?

Jack McFarlane stalking Kevin Bacon on “Will & Grace” is funny. In real life? It’s fucked up. Cyberstalking? It’s a crime. You might not consider your behavior as “stalking”, but I do. You make me uncomfortable to the nth degree. For your sake, I hope you get some professional help. For my sake, I hope you finally get it: STOP STALKING ME.

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  1. Hey you pathetic piece of shit, stop stalking her already, she hates your fucking stupid ass! Take your grandiose visions of yourself and your future with her and shove them up your stupid empty ass! You are a soulless cretonne from hell, the very maggot infested excrement of the devil and you have zero chance of ever attracting this woman into your abusive little world where you are king. You are a piece of shit and nothing more.

    Just trying to give you a hand here, good luck at getting rid of this loser! 😉


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